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I was originally just going to pop this into Plurk or Twitter, but my thoughts rambled on too long.

When we group people into a certain class or stereotype – gangster, furry, redneck, race, whatever the case may be – we assign different qualities to the group overall and our expectations of people from that group are to fit that clump of qualities.

Stereotype groups, cliques, and whatever else these things are called nowadays – we need to remember that they’re made of individuals with their own thoughts, opinions, and experiences. They’re not all going to be the same, not all going to fit into that mold we make in our minds, despite how they act when we first meet them.

I admit. I’m prejudiced against a fair few groups of people on the Teen Grid and in real life. Whether this is from lack of exposure to the groups in question or if it’s just hardwired into me from the way I grew up and what values I have set in my mind, I’m not sure. I try to keep an open mind, but it’s hard sometimes.

I want to expand on this idea – I think about these things a lot on my own; that’s how I get a fair few of my opinions.
I just needed to get this out.


Opening Boxes

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This is actually a very newbie-ish problem, but hey – spreading knowledge is fun.

Oftentimes when you buy or take a copy of something, it’s in a box. I’ve done this, and I’ve seen many other people do this – wear the box. Be it because they weren’t paying attention or don’t know any better, it ends up looking pretty silly. What’s sillier is when they can’t figure out what went wrong, or how to get it off…


When you get a boxed item, if you’re wearing it-
-If it’s copyable, and you’re in a rez zone, drop it and rightclick – Open. That’ll copy the entire object’s contents into your inventory. Delete it when you’re finished, if you want.
-If it’s not copyable, detach it and find a nice, quiet rez zone, follow the unpacking information as above, but rightclick – Take when you’re done. If you’re like me, that’ll prevent some confusion should an item still be in the box…

If you’re not in a rez zone or don’t want the entire box’s contents popped into your inventory-
-Right-click on the object in your inventory, hover over Attach To HUD, and pop it somewhere onto your HUD. Once it’s on your HUD, right-click – Edit, go to the Contents tab. Make a folder in your inventory to put your objects in. Shift- or ctrl-click to select the objects you want, and drag them into your new folder.
This probably won’t work with no-copy objects; in which case you’ll have to rez the object in-world to get them out.

Have fun. 🙂

Script Reactivation

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Just a nifty little thing I noticed whilst browsing the SL Wiki.

Scripts, in no-script zones, get reactivated when they’re at least 50m above terrain mesh (ground level). If you’ve got something on you that seems to have failed because of no-script zones, if possible, fly up to reactivate it.

Even better, depending on what it is, detach it until you get into a script zone again. If a region’s no-script, try to respect that and take off highly scripted objects.

Also, attached scripts that take controls – such as animation overriders and (probably) warpers – always stay running. Not so with other scripts, like hover text and whatnot.

For the page I got most of this from, have a lookie here.


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I’ve got many names.

Blau Rascon, my TSL/SL self.
Blau or Blaubeermund, as I am / was known on WolfHome.
Blau Kaspar, as I’m named in OpenSim, OSGrid, and my furry.

That was horrid grammar in the last one, yes.

Blau[beermund] – I picked that for this site because it’s unusual. In the past few months, I’ve signed up for so many sites with “BlauRascon” or some warping of that, that it’s gotten old.

Blaubeermund is from an E Nomine song, Nachtwache. It means “blueberry mouth” and, I believe, is referring to someone’s lips once they’ve been dead a while.
On WolfHome, I changed my name from Absit-Invidia (‘no offense intended’) to Blaubeermund. I can’t remember how long that lasted, really, but it was a very long name for that chat’s graphics. I eventually shortened it to just Blau, since that’s what most people were calling me. I was considering Mund at the time.

I signed up for SL with ‘Blau’ as my first name – logical choice; the person who got me into Second Life is also from Wolfhome, where I was spending 80% of my online time.

Up until I started listening to people on voice, I didn’t know that Blau was hard to pronounce. It’s pronounced how it’s spelled – “bl-au”. “Au” sounding like “Ou” in “Ouch”.

Blau Kaspar, as my furry is named, came to me from a need to have a name other than Blau Rascon for OpenSim. Coming up with that wasn’t very interesting – browsing a name site for German names starting with K, and picking the one that sounded best.

From that came my other username – BKRCreed – “Blau Kaspar-Rascon Creed”. I can’t remember whether I was listening to Creed at the time or I just wanted to put that on the end, but that’s how things ended up.

Short filler blog post about my name… very scatterbrained at the moment.

Signing Up to TSL

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The signup process is pretty much the same, but it has an extra step I’m fairly sure that the over-18’ers don’t have to do.

-Go to the Second Life homepage and hit ‘Join’.
-Fill out the required information and pick your starting avatar.
-When you fill in your age, if it detects you’re under 18, it will ask you to verify this. You have two options:

Mobile Phone: They’ll text your phone with a verification code you have to input on the next screen. The carriers supported for this (Verizon, AT+T, etc) are rather limited. US-only, I believe.
PayPal: Verifying your age through Paypal is a little bit pointless – Paypal doesn’t allow under-18’s to have an account in the first place.

Once that’s done, if you’ve chosen the Mobile Phone method, you wait for your phone to be texted, copy the verification code into the box on the next screen, and if it matches, you’re A-OK and can continue on to your Second Life.

After you’re done downloading the viewer, log in with your first and last name and password, o’course. Hit Accept on the next screen to get past the Terms of Service. You’ll find yourself in your pre-picked avatar on Orientation Island.

If you know what you’re doing, fly on through and teleport to the Mainland via the landmark given to you at the end of the island. If you’re new, spend a little time here. It’ll be useful.

Once you’re in one of the Mainland Welcome Areas (Lewis, Card, Nix, Pullman), you’re free to roam. If you’re really new, I strongly suggest going to the Nix Bazaar to pick up some freebies, then going to Tutorial Island (there’s a landmark giver in Nix on the top floor – click it) to learn some building. It’ll help you in the long run.

ALSO– Nix has some FAQ things on its ground floor. Check those out.

After that, if you have friends, find them; if not, hang around. You’ll find something to do here, for a while.


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Thanks to auto-followers, I’ve set my twitter account to Private.
It’s not fun getting five autofollower/spam people in two minutes. Seriously, two minutes – not kidding.

And, thanks to my inattentiveness, I just now noticed that my Twitter thing on here is broken.
I’ll replace it with some other gadget for the time being. If, in the future, I set my tweets to non-private, I’ll pop that back in there.

In the meantime, for my microblogging, i’ve got Plurk and Twitter – BlauRascon + @BKRCreed respectively. Follow me if you want, haha. I only really block people who look like advert bots and stuff.


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Just a short, non-paragraphy entry on things that bug me in SL.
I don’t really like the phrase ‘pet peeves’… hence, peeves.

+If clothing is no-copy, I generally won’t buy it, especially if it’s an attachment. I really, REALLY prefer copyable – I’m a bit crazy about keeping backups of pretty much everything I have.

+People using first-life picture as their second-life profile picture. There’s a tab for that in your profile. It irks me more when they’ve been to that tab and still don’t use it.

+10-mile long profiles. I know, I’ve done that already, but it still kinda bugs me. (Also, the profiles that very clearly state that the person is belonging to a certain stereotypical clique group thing – be it emo, goth, bitch, furry, urban, gangster, whatever.)

+Voice harassment. Voice harassers think typing people don’t have the guts to fight something out on voice. I think the voice people don’t have the guts to type. After all, text can be reported easily. Voice, not so much.

+Alpha textures. Sure, they’re useful and pretty nifty looking, but when they overlap, things splode. (Think prim hair with alpha textures vs. a one-prim wall with an alpha window.)

+Advertisements. They’re hard to avoid, I know – and, I’m not talking about billboards; I’m talking about shouting prims, auto-inviters, so on and so forth.

+No-script and no-fly zones. Eeeek.

+Autofrienders. They see you and two seconds later, you’ve been friended. Um… no. (I generally let people add me anyway and remove them when they start irritating me.)

+Flying tip jars. I got mauled with these in the sandbox before – they chased a friend of mine up 4km… and we couldn’t get rid of the things.

And… that’s all I can really think of right now.