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watch, add, subscribe, whatever, if you want. just please, don’t friend me on SL unless you say who you are first, haha. i’ll decline if i don’t know you.

~Updated fairly often. Expect nonsense.

~I’ve stopped updating this nearly as much, but still, feel free to browse the gallery if you want. It’s got some really old stuff in it.

~Pretty much the same as dA – I don’t art often, so this doesn’t get updated often, unfortunately.

~Updated fairly often. I’m close to my upload limit though, so probably not gonna have a whole lot of uploads until the limit resets.

~Not updated much at all. I have two songs of there as of now, and about two news posts. That’s about it though. Feel free to browse the favorites though.

~I don’t upload often because uploads take forever for me. I have a ton of favorites though, feel free to browse those, haha.

~Updated rarely. Expect a lot of Second Life and Spore videos.

Second Life

~As always, feel free to friend. I don’t bite ;p


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