The Last Day

It’s such a hard time saying goodbye sometimes.. for me, the day to do that came today, November 9, 2009. Time for me to say goodbye to the Teen Grid, time to say goodbye to my teenage years. I’m an adult tomorrow, the tenth… right now, in my time zone, I’ve been an adult for an hour. It’s not sunk in yet, and it probably won’t for a while.

It’s hard to say goodbye.

My day today was rather busy, an emergency took up a large portion of the day. I got home and got on Second Life around 10:30PM or so, spent some time with a few of my close friends for the last few hours of my teendom.

Nothing fancy, nothing ritzy… just some time with my friends.

A bit of a dilemma popped up in my head in recent weeks. Where am I going to have my final Teen Grid log-off?
I wanted it to be symbolic, something that meant a lot to me… somewhere I loved. But there are a lot of places I love, a lot of places that mean a lot to me.

It struck me today… one place has given me comfort over most all others… one place I could go and hide when things got too crazy. It was always nice and quiet and usually empty… had a nice racetrack, a pretty small islandy village, and a small rez zone.


It’s an educational island, mostly abandoned. Stumbled upon it far earlier this year, sometime in March, I’d guess – maybe before. I found it to be a nice haven.. if people show up, they usually have difficulty finding the rez area without property lines or minimap, so it was quite peaceful. The small rez area also allowed me to explode objects and have them get caught on the parcel boundaries.

I love that island. I’ll miss it a lot. Hence, why it’s my choice as my final logout point.

Tonight I log off wondering what I could have done differently in my Teen Second Life… the choices I could have made… the things I could have built. The friends I could have made, or not have made.
I log off tonight, however, happy. I learned a lot in the past year from this grid. I’ve made some amazing friends, learned how to script, learned some 3D building basics… the whole deal. I learned a lot, and I’m grateful for that.

This may be this blog’s last post. I would like this to be a kind of memory bank for me, something to look back on… something Teen Grid only.
If I do start another blog, please, check my Plurk or Twitter pages.

It’s been a long year… but it was worth it, the ups and downs alike.

Thank you all for making my teen second life amazing.

~ by Blau Rascon on November 10, 2009.

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