System Requirements

I have seen around that the system requirements on the SL website are out of date. If so, it’s a semi-miracle I’m running it on my laptop, haha.

My desktop computer’s running things very well – I can get 80FPS if I’m in a skybox, with my graphics set to High/Ultimate.
NVIDIA GeForce 9500GT (I think), with 2GB RAM. 1280×1024 monitor. This is… very above the minimum requirements, hah.

My laptop however… the very minimum SL requirements are met. Intel 945 Express Chipset, with .99GB RAM, and 1024×600 screen.
ahhah. It runs, but only on the lowest possible settings (24 draw distance on Emerald) at around 10FPS in a skybox. There’s no way I’m going anywhere crowded while I’m on this laptop… it wouldn’t survive.
If I remember right, the Intel Chipset thing is about the lowest you can go on video cards and still run SL, from the site…

What I’m wondering is, if the requirements on the SL website are out of date, around what should they be now? How well should my computers be running? What could make my laptop run a wee bit faster?

I shall update this post later on with snapshots comparing the quality I have my computers set at for SL, haha. Should be interesting.


~ by Blau Rascon on October 27, 2009.

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