Also, free-rez areas. I love them.

Personal opinion – the main TG sandboxes are magnets for spam; I rarely go on them unless it’s during the week or early in the morning / very late at night, when there aren’t as many people.

I don’t feel safe going to the Weapons Testing sandbox, but that’s my own personal feelings. I’m not into armies or shooting things very much, unless it’s just for the hell of things – rezzing breakable boxes and ‘sploding them, for example.

There are also a few sims around with rez areas – Delphinidae and Tenshi have them for rezzing boats, say – but I use them to make skyboxes… launch myself up 4km, rez a platform, shabam. Privacy.

I personally love sandboxes… I can rez things, explode them, and things’ll clean up easily. Sure, I set them to temporary, but same deal.
Smaller rez zones, it depends – is it in a busy sim? If so, clean up. If not? Splode + temporary.

I love being able to rez things – the blue box of doom (“You cannot rez here”), I hate seeing that.

So far, I know of small rez zones in Delphinidae, Coelacanth, Tenshi, Purpose, Tech Savvy Isle… among others. I generally hang out in those smaller rez zones – there’s rarely anyone around, I can be in peace.


~ by Blau Rascon on October 17, 2009.

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