A Flavor

As it grows closer to my transfer date, I’ve found myself thinking I’m already on the Main Grid – thinking “Hey, I logged out wearing that gryphon av, I wonder if I can mod it?”, logging in, and realizing I’m still on the tiny Teen Grid wearing one of my half-assed human avatars. Makes for a bit of a face-palm moment, especially when you realize that there’s not much left to do apart from clean out your inventory or spam some empty island for a while.

With the addition of three other people to my RL household, it’s been a bit awkward to be on SL. I’m starting to spend more time doing other things – I still might be on the computer, yes, but doing things other than SL.

I feel like I should be hanging out somewhere on TSL, soaking in what I can before I leave. For the memories, you know… but I’ve found it’s just irritating anymore. There’s not a whole lot left for me to do, and I’m not feeling overly social lately.

Truth be told, I wish my first ‘home’ sim was still on the Teen Grid. I want to hang out where I did when I first joined for my last few days or so, but, seeing as the sandbox doesn’t exactly have that great of a nostalgic feel and I don’t exactly like the Welcome Area, I’m out of luck – the sim I spent the most time on, Alcove, transferred to the Main Grid early this year.

I’ve been thinking about my early days a fair lot lately. I find it interesting that I can still recall the ‘flavor’ that SL had at the time, how it felt to be new and completely clueless, rather than my current knowledge overriding that cluelessness and saying “Hey, that was that sim, and they were doing that thing, oh hey that mall is gone,” so on and so forth. It feels like they’re completely different places, like they were when I was a newbie. I like having memories like that, remembering how I felt back then rather than just remembering how something looked.

I remember parts of my first day on SL very well that hold that feeling. I was practically glued to my friend’s side for the first few weeks of my time on SL, so all my memories include her and a few of her friends, very few of which I actually keep in touch with anymore.
One of the memories I clearly remember was in the sandbox – about the second place she teleported me to when I joined. Here, if my memory serves me right, I learned how to play gestures, (basically) modify attachments (mostly through the Wingless Wolf HUD, but I did do some right-click -> Edit), and some other things here. I remember watching my friend build her belly rings she had for sale here, and watched her build a giant box around us to keep out some griefers who were having fun shooting us. (I can’t remember if I was scared of guns then or not, but now, it’s just really irritating.)
Another big memory was, I think, at Oceanside Mall… or some mall like it, cant remember what sim it was in, though. I remember it was only half-built (half the building was completely missing), and I ended up playing the Daft Hump gesture (and flying around – literally, flying around – while trying to get it to stop). I had my first run-in with money chairs here, even though I didn’t sit on them or anything – also there was a money ball that had to have a certain amount of people to give out money. I was fascinated with that thing, even though it only scanned the area every… three minutes, I think.

These places, to me, feel like they don’t exist anymore. They’ve lost the flavor, currently – going to these places feels completely different now, and I can’t get that feeling back (even wearing my really, really old newb fur doesn’t exactly help).

I’m looking forward to feeling like this again in a month. Like, really, very much looking forward to it. Looking forward to making new memories and ‘tasting’ new ‘flavors’ of these things. I’m thinking this should be very enjoyable… more things to get nostalgic over in a few months. I enjoy the feeling.


~ by Blau Rascon on October 10, 2009.

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