A Rant, Cont’d

I started this rant on Twitter and wanted to get my thoughts down; so, not necessarily a useful post, just me rambling on about shit. Expect nonsense.

I stopped going to furry meeting places on TG around when FurNation moved to Zaius. Stopped almost completely after the FurNation Rave at the beginning of summer. True, I did hang out in FurPro when it was in Kenafa, but that wasn’t too much.

I am a furry, and I enjoy being in the company of other furries. The quality of things on this grid has just gone to crap lately, in my eyes, though.
Like I’ve said on Twitter – I’ll repeat myself a lot about that, since my Twitter is set to Private – lately there’s been a fairly large increase in copybotted furries – whether I’ve just now noticed or they’ve just now imported them, I don’t know.
Botting makes me furious. The other day, I noticed a unicorn av I’ve been wanting to buy when I get to the Main Grid in November – somehow it ended up on the Teen Grid. First thought was copybot; now we’re trying to figure if it was legitimately transferred, and if so, how. Still, though – seeing that av on this grid set me off. I got physically sick from being so angry.
So, yeah – I’m sensitive to the whole botting thing. I can’t stand seeing botted avs– well, one or two I can because they’ve been around so long, but others, just… it’s hard to look at the person. I find myself wondering if they know they’re wearing a stolen av. Wondering what the original creator would think. Wondering what this kid in front of me would do if I mentioned anything.

Oh, hey! It’s free! It’s higher quality than everything I’ve ever seen on here! -wears-
I see their logic. Since Zombie’s poofed, there hasn’t been a whole lot of furry av making – a few creators have been picking up things pretty well lately, but it’s not quite back to normal yet… if there ever was a normal. My normal is December, January, and February – FurNation had its own sim, Zombie was fine, but Sylver was already off the grid and whatnot. It’s what I ‘grew up’ with, if you will…

I digress.
I see their logic, but it still bugs me to no end to see these avs out there. It bugs me more that there’s very little I can do about it, apart from document the avs and grumble about how bad things have gotten lately.

Breaking off that subject for a few – Immaturity runs rampant in the furry community, mostly among young teens, I’ve noticed. I was there once, yes; I was thirteen-fourteen-fifteen once, yes; I went through that shit. It’s still really had on my nerves – I can’t stand drama and gossip, wannabe bitches tryina act all nasty, arrogant furs. I seem to not like the general furry attitude. That’s reason enough for me to stop hanging out in those areas, the furry gathering places and whatnot… if I don’t like the people, I see no reason to stay there.

As for the drama thing, it’s always different when you’re involved in the drama than when you’re outside of it watching it all happen, so who knows.

And, yes, I have younger teen friends. Not all younger teens are annoying brats. Not all furs are arrogant little kids. I’ve learned that very well.
I just feel I should say that before someone comes up to me with it. I hate that.

It’s a bit different when I have a friend or two that understands these people with me. I feel more comfortable then. My attitude, therefore, may change when I get to the Main Grid; I have a few people waiting for me who’re more acquainted with general furries and whatnot. That, and I don’t think MG furries will be quite the same as TG furries. Who knows. I may be wrong.

I also apparently feel as if I’ve pissed some people off and, ergo, I don’t feel welcome in certain areas. Call me weak; I probably am in that regard, but I’d rather not start shit. I’ve had enough of that.

There are a few people I want to see before I transfer to the Main Grid. Some of them I feel as if I have a false grudge against, and I want to make up with them before I go… a small form of closure, if you will. However… I don’t feel comfortable in these furry places anymore. It’s hard – I want to see the people, I want to talk to them – I just… can’t.
I know I could IM them. It’s different, seeing them and IM’ing them, maybe teleporting them – going to see them is one thing. TP’ing them has that sense of one-on-one things I don’t exactly go for.

…Brain froze out; rant over.


~ by Blau Rascon on October 3, 2009.

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