Opening Boxes

This is actually a very newbie-ish problem, but hey – spreading knowledge is fun.

Oftentimes when you buy or take a copy of something, it’s in a box. I’ve done this, and I’ve seen many other people do this – wear the box. Be it because they weren’t paying attention or don’t know any better, it ends up looking pretty silly. What’s sillier is when they can’t figure out what went wrong, or how to get it off…


When you get a boxed item, if you’re wearing it-
-If it’s copyable, and you’re in a rez zone, drop it and rightclick – Open. That’ll copy the entire object’s contents into your inventory. Delete it when you’re finished, if you want.
-If it’s not copyable, detach it and find a nice, quiet rez zone, follow the unpacking information as above, but rightclick – Take when you’re done. If you’re like me, that’ll prevent some confusion should an item still be in the box…

If you’re not in a rez zone or don’t want the entire box’s contents popped into your inventory-
-Right-click on the object in your inventory, hover over Attach To HUD, and pop it somewhere onto your HUD. Once it’s on your HUD, right-click – Edit, go to the Contents tab. Make a folder in your inventory to put your objects in. Shift- or ctrl-click to select the objects you want, and drag them into your new folder.
This probably won’t work with no-copy objects; in which case you’ll have to rez the object in-world to get them out.

Have fun. šŸ™‚


~ by Blau Rascon on September 3, 2009.

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