Signing Up to TSL

The signup process is pretty much the same, but it has an extra step I’m fairly sure that the over-18’ers don’t have to do.

-Go to the Second Life homepage and hit ‘Join’.
-Fill out the required information and pick your starting avatar.
-When you fill in your age, if it detects you’re under 18, it will ask you to verify this. You have two options:

Mobile Phone: They’ll text your phone with a verification code you have to input on the next screen. The carriers supported for this (Verizon, AT+T, etc) are rather limited. US-only, I believe.
PayPal: Verifying your age through Paypal is a little bit pointless – Paypal doesn’t allow under-18’s to have an account in the first place.

Once that’s done, if you’ve chosen the Mobile Phone method, you wait for your phone to be texted, copy the verification code into the box on the next screen, and if it matches, you’re A-OK and can continue on to your Second Life.

After you’re done downloading the viewer, log in with your first and last name and password, o’course. Hit Accept on the next screen to get past the Terms of Service. You’ll find yourself in your pre-picked avatar on Orientation Island.

If you know what you’re doing, fly on through and teleport to the Mainland via the landmark given to you at the end of the island. If you’re new, spend a little time here. It’ll be useful.

Once you’re in one of the Mainland Welcome Areas (Lewis, Card, Nix, Pullman), you’re free to roam. If you’re really new, I strongly suggest going to the Nix Bazaar to pick up some freebies, then going to Tutorial Island (there’s a landmark giver in Nix on the top floor – click it) to learn some building. It’ll help you in the long run.

ALSO– Nix has some FAQ things on its ground floor. Check those out.

After that, if you have friends, find them; if not, hang around. You’ll find something to do here, for a while.


~ by Blau Rascon on August 26, 2009.

One Response to “Signing Up to TSL”

  1. Hey Blau.

    Great information resource for new users joining the TG. I used to manage the Nix Bazaar for about 2 years before I transferred. Hopefully there are tons of residents still visiting there and I found a MG version of the Nix Bazaar which is great.

    Your Flickr stream and Plurk updates are AWESOME! 🙂

    Take Care! (^_^)

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