I’ve got many names.

Blau Rascon, my TSL/SL self.
Blau or Blaubeermund, as I am / was known on WolfHome.
Blau Kaspar, as I’m named in OpenSim, OSGrid, and my furry.

That was horrid grammar in the last one, yes.

Blau[beermund] – I picked that for this site because it’s unusual. In the past few months, I’ve signed up for so many sites with “BlauRascon” or some warping of that, that it’s gotten old.

Blaubeermund is from an E Nomine song, Nachtwache. It means “blueberry mouth” and, I believe, is referring to someone’s lips once they’ve been dead a while.
On WolfHome, I changed my name from Absit-Invidia (‘no offense intended’) to Blaubeermund. I can’t remember how long that lasted, really, but it was a very long name for that chat’s graphics. I eventually shortened it to just Blau, since that’s what most people were calling me. I was considering Mund at the time.

I signed up for SL with ‘Blau’ as my first name – logical choice; the person who got me into Second Life is also from Wolfhome, where I was spending 80% of my online time.

Up until I started listening to people on voice, I didn’t know that Blau was hard to pronounce. It’s pronounced how it’s spelled – “bl-au”. “Au” sounding like “Ou” in “Ouch”.

Blau Kaspar, as my furry is named, came to me from a need to have a name other than Blau Rascon for OpenSim. Coming up with that wasn’t very interesting – browsing a name site for German names starting with K, and picking the one that sounded best.

From that came my other username – BKRCreed – “Blau Kaspar-Rascon Creed”. I can’t remember whether I was listening to Creed at the time or I just wanted to put that on the end, but that’s how things ended up.

Short filler blog post about my name… very scatterbrained at the moment.


~ by Blau Rascon on August 26, 2009.

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