Just a short, non-paragraphy entry on things that bug me in SL.
I don’t really like the phrase ‘pet peeves’… hence, peeves.

+If clothing is no-copy, I generally won’t buy it, especially if it’s an attachment. I really, REALLY prefer copyable – I’m a bit crazy about keeping backups of pretty much everything I have.

+People using first-life picture as their second-life profile picture. There’s a tab for that in your profile. It irks me more when they’ve been to that tab and still don’t use it.

+10-mile long profiles. I know, I’ve done that already, but it still kinda bugs me. (Also, the profiles that very clearly state that the person is belonging to a certain stereotypical clique group thing – be it emo, goth, bitch, furry, urban, gangster, whatever.)

+Voice harassment. Voice harassers think typing people don’t have the guts to fight something out on voice. I think the voice people don’t have the guts to type. After all, text can be reported easily. Voice, not so much.

+Alpha textures. Sure, they’re useful and pretty nifty looking, but when they overlap, things splode. (Think prim hair with alpha textures vs. a one-prim wall with an alpha window.)

+Advertisements. They’re hard to avoid, I know – and, I’m not talking about billboards; I’m talking about shouting prims, auto-inviters, so on and so forth.

+No-script and no-fly zones. Eeeek.

+Autofrienders. They see you and two seconds later, you’ve been friended. Um… no. (I generally let people add me anyway and remove them when they start irritating me.)

+Flying tip jars. I got mauled with these in the sandbox before – they chased a friend of mine up 4km… and we couldn’t get rid of the things.

And… that’s all I can really think of right now.


~ by Blau Rascon on August 9, 2009.

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