TSL Transportation

Transporation in TSL is pretty much the same as everywhere else – you have boats, planes, automobiles, trains, and an assortment of other goodies like ferryboats and trolleys.

That’s actually one thing I like about Second Life – pop a vehicle script into pretty much anything, and you can drive it. You could drive a coconut or a tube of Lagozone if you wanted to. It’s brilliant.

Let’s start out with cars and other motor-y vehicles.
While there are a fair few cars brought over from Main Grid that work very well (whether or not they were brought over legitimately is a whole ‘nother topic I’d rather not get into at the moment), a lot of cars on the TG are.. very strange.
I don’t purchase cars – I’m content to use the freebie cars to get myself from one place to another when I don’t feel like the normal modes of transport. I, therefore, don’t know how well the purchaseable cars function. If anyone has any input on that, it’s very welcome.

Either way – A fair few of the cars I’ve driven turn.. very very quickly. It’s hard to maneuver them effectively. Some of these turn easier when they’re moving, but more often than not, it’s not much of a help. Some cars have a lot of horsepower apparently, and feel the need to launch you across the grid with a single tap of the forward-movement key. There aren’t very many cars I’ve found that handle pretty well – I’ve found that those that handle well don’t look very attractive, but hey, I’m not going to argue with that – if it handles well, that’s all that matters for me.

That was wordy.

Airplanes, helicopters, and other airborne craft aren’t quite as common as cars, but there’s still a fair few of them. There are a few of these aircraft that’re pretty brilliant – they fly well and look pretty awesome – but as with cars, it’s mostly a fight over looks versus scripting.
There are a few aircraft on the TG that you can purchase – generally for around 200-400L$ – that I’m looking into buying. I’ll update this post if I do to update on how those work. (A friend has a 400L seaplane that works pretty well, but the entire fuselage is one alpha texture, which doesn’t particularly work well for those with alpha hair / heads / tails.)

There are few boats on Teen Grid. Most likely, this is due to the obvious lack of water able to be driven on (and nearby rez areas). Bay City is rife with canals and assorted waterways, but there are few public rez areas (the most obvious one is in Portage Bay). The most watery sims on the TG mainland are the sims Tenshi, Danbo, Bleu, Lappi, Delphinidae, Crustacea, Architeuthis, and Coelacanth. About half of those have rez areas (small ones, but rez areas nonetheless).
That aside, the free boats on the Teen Grid tend to be pretty well made – maybe not very visually attractive, but fairly well scripted. I’ve yet to see a shop that sells boats (Alpha Aeronautics might, but I’m not sure).
There are, however, two boats available by the Lindens that most people overlook – by the docks in Delphinidae and Tenshi (I think Lappi too, but I’m not sure), there are two docked boats. These boats are freebie sailboats, and work with the SL wind to move themselves around.

In the Bay City sims, you’ll surely come across several trolleys and the occasional water trolley. These are in perpetual movement throughout Bay City (they do get derailed or stuck, however), carrying a few residents here and there. There’s also a trolley that goes from the Welcome Area sim Card to the city sims Loki and Hyperion.

There are a few pretty interesting ways of getting around besides the obvious. Take, for example, riding around on a giant chocobo, flying about on a huge hawk, or blazing the streets on a dog sled. Imagine, even more, being launched into outer space by a shopping cart.
Like I said, the possibilities for vehicles are endless.

I’ll leave you with links to some snapshots of vehicles:
Aircraft and Vehicles


~ by Blau Rascon on August 8, 2009.

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