Linden-Supplied Goodness

In other terms, the Library and other goodies!

Zomg, the Library

Zomg, the Library

Not many people look in the Library. Honestly, there’s a lot of really nifty stuff in there – the default outfits (and some extras), basic gestures, and a few scripts, among a huge lump of objects – buildings, critters, you name it.

This is just a quick boredom-driven run-down on what’s in the Library, for those who want a quick reference, and some other assorted goodies.

Mind, this is running off of what’s currently in my library – teen grid’s stuff may be (but probably isn’t) different from those on main grid.

There are no animations in the library. However, they’re generally supplied through creating a new gesture and scrolling to the bottom of the Animations menu – there’s a list of them someplace; if I find a link, I’ll post.

There are two entries into the Body Parts folder – Dark Brown and Grey eyes.

The clothing folder looks a bit crazy when it’s first opened. To sum things up – this folder includes the basic outfits you can choose from when you sign up, along with several others (like the Boxbot and Dragonlet). There are a few default avatars not included, but they’re easily obtainable elsewhere. I’ll elaborate on that a bit more later.
Here’s a goodie – Want to be Ruth? Check the “More Outfits” folder!

The Gestures folder contains five subfolders. The Common Gestures and Other Gestures folders simply contain miscellaneous basic gestures, from smiley faces that animate the mesh avatars to basic dances to rock-paper-scissors. Male and Female gestures are pretty much identical, but they use a voice sound, and so are separated by gender, o’course. Speech gestures are pretty nifty – they’re activated by speaking over Voice, and animate your avatar when you’re talking. (Try modding those – it’s fun, mwahaha)

The Landmarks folder is pretty.. useless to a Teen – all the landmarks there (the Xstreet landmarks, Help Island, Orientation Island, and Mainland Welcome Area landmarks) go to places on the Main Grid.

The Notecards folder contains an ’05 copy of the Community Standards, and a (very short) Welcome Note.

The Objects folder is pretty awesome. There’s a large amount of Linden-made (and DPW-made) objects in here (of course) that are pretty brilliant.
I’m not going to go over everything in here, so instead, I’ll pop in a bulleted (well, dashed) list of some main points of interest:
-Simple chairs and other household items
-Parcel media player
-Beach ball, dice, and some other toys
-Atoll (think beachy island) homes
-Linden trees and grasses
-Sculpty examples
-Underwater Goodness (Sea creatures, seaweed, and seagulls)
Seriously folks, rez some of this stuff sometime – it’s pretty nifty.

The Photo Album folder contains a fair few snapshots by Torley Linden – check them out, they’re pretty!

There are three scripts in the Scripts folder – Texture animation, simple hovertext clock, and prim rotation.

The Sounds folder contains pretty much all of the sounds used in the Gestures mentioned above, and some other miscellaneous goodies. The basic SL User Interface sounds aren’t in here, however.

Like the Objects folder, the Textures folder has a lot of pre-supplied (and fairly good quality) textures for people to use. There are also a few sculpt textures in there, have a lookie at those sometime.

I have a folder in my library called Accessories and it contains the Torch. I don’t know if that’s supposed to be there, but it is.

There are a few other spots to get pre-made goodness.
Again, this is from a teen’s perspective; main grid people probably won’t have the same areas.

–Oak Bluffs

This is the building you want!

This is the building you want!

Located in Bay City, this northwestern sim has a railway station. Inside one of the buildings, you’ll find a white box with an address on it (addressed to, I quote, “Resident”). This box is the Bay City Content Pack, and contains a lot of the building blocks used to create Bay City, including some pre-made buildings, roadways, lamps, textures, and other assorted goodies such as an antique microscope. Rightclick-Buy to recieve this package of goodness.


Oasis Freebie Shop from the Inside

Oasis Freebie Shop from the Inside

We all should know about the Oasis shopping center – it’s one of the first stops for a lot of newbies, after the Welcome Area and Nix Bazaar. In the northwest corner of the shopping center, a large cyan/teal- and terracotta-colored building stands out among the (generally) smaller Resident-owned shops. This is the Freebie Center (Not sure if this is the actual name, but that’s what I refer to it as), and it contains a lot of free goodies for new Residents, including:
-Not-so-basic scripts, including Follow Me, Avatar Contrails, and a simple Airplane script
-Several vehicles, ranging from an attachable bicycle to a bumper tube to a UFO
-Several sets of basic furniture
-Many many avatar accessories, ranging from surfboards to goggles to spiked collars
-Several color-themed boxes containing both clothing and nifty objects

There are a few other places to nab some freebie goodness – but they evade my noggin’s spaghettified grasp at the moment.

Now, I’m off to see the wizard, the wonderful wizard of… something!


~ by Blau Rascon on August 4, 2009.

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