Quick Tips

While I’m thinking about them.

Unlinking certain prims
Check ‘Edit Linked Parts’.
Click the first prim you want to delink.
Hold down Shift, and click the others. (If you get one you don’t want, Ctrl-click it.)
Hit Ctrl-Shift-L to delink. This will select all of the item you were messing with before.
If it’s still enabled, de-check ‘Edit Linked Parts’.
Click outside the object, then click the main linked object and move it / take it / whatever.
Shift-drag select the remaining prims and delete / take / whatever them.

Changing minimap / map dot color
Enable the Advanced menu (Ctrl-Alt-D).
Make sure your Minimap is open and you’re around people – it’ll help you see changes quicker.
Go to Debug Settings.
Enter in the following: MapAvatar
Press Enter.
You’ll get a color swatch and an Alpha value.
Click the color swatch to bring up the color picker – change the color to whatever you wish, then hit Select. You can tinker with the Alpha (transparency) value a bit as well.
Have a lookie at your minimap. All avatar dots (including those on the map) have changed color. If this displeases you, hit the Restore Default (?) button at the bottom of the Debug Settings window.
To change the color of your friends’ dots, repeat this process, but go to MapFriend instead of MapAvatar.

Have fun with your two tips 🙂


~ by Blau Rascon on August 3, 2009.

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