Intestinal Splendor

Ever since 2007, I’ve had stomach problems. I’ve got another post about that whole shebang in this thing someplace though, so I’m not going into detail with the whole testing thing.

A few weeks ago, I got access to my medical record from my mom (you have to have parental permission if you’re a minor; once you hit 18, it’s all yours). The most lovely thing in the world greeted me on the front page – what I’ve been diagnosed with.

There were four things there. Three of them I expected, but the fourth – The fourth pissed me off. They’ve marked me down for irritable bowel syndrome. While that’s probably what I have, given my symptoms and whatnot, what gets to me is that nobody told me.

Nobody told me. Nobody told my parents. There wasn’t any talk of this as a possibility, even. That’s what’s getting me. I don’t know if they’ve just popped that down as a suspicion or (as dad said) a catch-all for intestinal disorders like mine. Of course, our hospital has a brilliant scheduling system going on, so my next appointment with my gastroenterologist is in September. We scheduled it in… May or June.
Gotta love hospitals.

Most of my close friends know how this disorder gets me.
If I eat something that my stomach disagrees with, I get ungodly sick – my intestines have a system; if they don’t like something I eat, they shove it out of my system as fast as possible. I don’t puke, so you probably get the idea here.

The stuff that bothers me changes from time to time, but generally, minty foods, chocolate, coffee, and some dairy products set my stomach off. We tried to fight the dairy issues with special lactose-free milk (We thought I was lactose intolerant), but, apparently, that’s not a problem now. I can drink regular milk. I’ve been able to eat cheese and ice cream even when my stomach freaked over regular milk.

If I go to bed hungry, it screws me over for a while – anywhere from a day to a week or more. Not sure exactly why that happens, but it does, and it sucks. On a similar note, when I eat something in the morning, it apparently kickstarts my intestines and makes me sick. Gotta love that.

I go through cycles of eating and not eating. Sometimes, I can eat a lot at once (a lot for me being, at max, two slices of pizza for dinner without getting sick). Other times, like the past few days, I can eat a cinnamon roll and a peanut sandwich be set for the day.

What’s more is, I don’t really care what my stomach can handle. That is, I eat minty things and drink coffee – even though it bothers me if I have too much or have it at the wrong time.

It’s a weird life.
When I see my GI doctor dude in September, I’m bringing up the whole irritable bowel thing. I want to know two things: Why they didn’t tell me OR my parents, and what I can do to try and fix it. He apparently wants to see me to put me on a new medicine, so things should be pretty interesting.


~ by Blau Rascon on August 3, 2009.

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