Assorted Bits and Bobstones

I haven’t been updating this thing as much as I should, I know.

I’ve just… not really felt like writing. I went through a pretty slouch-y time lately. Hopefully though, I’ll be getting over that soon and I’ll start posting more. And, hopefully, drawing more.

My rats are doing… lovely. Floyd’s foot infection still isn’t gone, and she’s on half a tablet of Baytril per day now for it. It’s gotten a lot smaller (the infection), but I personally don’t want to back off on the meds until it’s completely gone.
Paisley’s his old self. He’s getting on in rat years, though – he’s 1.75 years old (for lack of better wording). Rat lifespans go from 2 to 5 years.
Milton’s surprised me. He let me hold him a few weeks ago. That might not seem like a whole lot, but when we first got him, every time he was touched he’d let loose a stream of rat raisins out of fear. It’s nice he’s getting over that though. He’s a sweet rat. And pretty, too. Siamese for the win.
The mice are going insane. Finn’s gotten really fat for a mouse, and Devin’s… well. Devin’s stayed tiny, and he’s turned into a ninja. Seriously. I can’t pick him up at all, period – he flings himself out of my hands and screams. Mice are such scaredy critters… but they’re so cute and soft. Sigh.

I’ve stopped buying L$ as much on Second Life. I’d been spending… just a little too much, hah.
I don’t have land anymore, so I’ve no reason to have 4k L$ in my account. Right now, I have 581L$. Bought 3$ worth this morning so I could get a few things and pay a friend back.

I’m slowly getting back into building things on there, though. I’m in love with the whole rotation trick that you can use to make archways and stuff.

I’ve given up on choosing a single avatar for myself as well. Lately, I’ve just been making up things as I go and wearing what I feel like wearing. I can go from a ginormous robot thingy to a minty green wolf furry to a quad kangaroo to a Shy Guy in a few minutes.

And… yeah. Lol. I’m getting a pain in the back of my leg, so… Must get up and walk around.
Hope to update this more again.


~ by Blau Rascon on August 3, 2009.

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