Five Steps of SL Profiles

Hooah, fail break at blogging.

Anyway, I was thinking about this over dinner tonight – avatars generally go through several stages of their profiles – depending on the person, they may stick in one stage or another, but, judging on my own experience and viewings of other peoples’ profiles, here’s what I’ve pulled together.
This deals mostly with the front page of the profiles… since everything after that I haven’t found a pattern for. Hee.

Stage I – Blank
Generally, newbies are in this stage until they’re either taught or discover the profile page. Their groups are blank, unless of course, they’re being taught / got recruited.

Stage II – Uber Info
All the information the user can cram into 500 words or less is put into the profile. Generally, depending on the person, you get a lot of asl’s, I like puppies, I’ll eat you if you mess with my friends, yadda yadda.
Groups are still somewhat small – user’s still learning.

Stage III – Mediuming Out
Around this time, the user either sticks with the ginormous profile, or slowly starts removing information to fit in more general things – e.g. removing the I LOVE PUPPIESS!!!*(*!! to make room for more important things, or just to get rid of the clutter.
At the very beginning of this stage, or the very end of the previous stage, the user suddenly explodes in groups. Reasons behind this? Who knows. Probably, the user figured out how to join groups and/or has made friends that invited them in.

Stage IV – Almost Empty
Similar to Stage III, but without much enthusiasm. May only contain a sentence or two, maybe a quote or something along those lines.
Users generally figure out by now that you can hide groups. They may lose a few groups, either by hiding them or just leaving them.

Stage V – Blank Revisited
Around this time, the user figures out that profiles are pretty much useless. Either that, or they tire of updating the profile and let it sit with maybe a few words every so often.


You can learn a lot about someone by their profile. Not from what they write, but how they go about it / what groups they’re in, mostly.


~ by Blau Rascon on July 23, 2009.

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