Build Selection

A few friends of mine seem to not know of these, so, a simple explanation of some things I find really useful:

Tools Menu
Select only my objects
–Selects only objects you own. Very useful!

Show hidden selection
–Toggles showing hidden selection lines. When selecting an object with many prims, this can help kill a lot of lag.

Build Menu
Shift-drag to select many prims
–Hold down Shift and click-drag the mouse to select many objects at once. Useful for cleaning up or taking many objects.

Ctrl-drag to deselect many prims
–Self-explanatory – opposite of last one.

Clicking works with the last ones too.

Coalesced Objects
–VERY useful for builds you don’t want to link. Shift-select everything, then Rightclick-Take or Rightclick-Take Copy. It’ll show up in your inventory as one object, with its icon as a lot of little squares. When these’re rezzed, they rez together in the same relative position.
CAUTION: Don’t rez no-copy coalesced objects near land you can’t build on! It won’t return to your inventory! In short – no-copy coalesced objects, take them to a sandbox.

Advanced Menu
Limit select distance
–Disable to let you select beyond the default select distance. (I think it’s around 64m, but I’m not sure.)

Disable camera constraints
–Lets you move the camera beyond its normal constraints – e.g., underground, through prims, further than normal with alt-cam.

–Most people know of this already – hold down the Alt key and click on something to focus your camera on it. Move your avatar or hit Esc (twice if you have chatbar up) to get out of it.
Some advanced-ish commands:
Ctrl-alt = Rotates around new focus point.
Shift-ctrl-alt = Pans around focus point (!? wording.)

…So yeah, hoorah.
If I think of anything else that should be added, I’ll pop it in. 😀


~ by Blau Rascon on July 5, 2009.

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