Maingrid Bound

I knew it was coming for a long time now. I was going to transfer. My feelings were fairly neutral – it’s inevitable, no point fighting it, but not overly thrilled.

Last night, I was browsing a SL avatar review site, when I came across several… breathtaking avs. That changed my entire view on transferring.

I’ll link to two. First, though, keep in mind – dragons and rats have been a huge part of my life for a long time. Dad and I drew dragons a lot when I was younger, and rats… they’re my favorite animals, and my fursona is a rat.

First off…

Seawolf’s dragon.
I’m a sucker for feral avs… and the feral dragons just blew me away completely. I saw snapshots of these elsewhere, but hadn’t gotten a really good look at them.
I pretty much died a little inside when I saw this. Then that little dead piece exploded in happiness. It’s hard to explain, but honestly, I’ll be saving up to get one of these. No idea how much they are, but judging by the quality, it’ll be expensive, haha. (On top of that, I’m interested in both an adult and juvenile.)
I’m also stoked about the avatars having a saddle. I’ve been looking for something like that for a very, very long time – I love feral avatars, but it’s weird when you want someone to ride on your back and you kinda can’t have them do that.
Ninjaweasel’s Rodent

I’m in awe. Beautiful avatar for a low price….
On top of that, the rat’s true to real rodents – discoloredish teeth, hooded varieties, the works. The av also comes with a voice- and text-activated talkjaw – I’ve never seen a voice activated one at work, and I’m eager to see it.
This’ll be one of my first buys on the main grid, for sure.

It’s amazing how just a few avatars can change someone’s mind completely about something.
For me, it’s changed my view on transferring, as I said – I went from feeling neutral about things to being extremely eager for my transfer.

But what about the Teen Grid?

Of course, I’ll miss my friends. A good deal of them don’t transfer for three or four years yet. I’m slowly going through adding them to a messenger (generally Skype; that’s what this messenger’s for for me, haha) so I can keep in contact with them, but a few of them don’t have any messenger or accessible e-mail address. Sadly, these are the people I’ll miss the most.

I’ll also miss the Teen Grid itself. Maingrid has just about thirty thousand regions (28,060, count thanks to Daniel Voyager’s twitter), whereas the Teen Grid has just about 150. While I’m somewhat anxious about the size of the Maingrid, that’s passing, kind of like the sinking fear of transferring is passing from me. What I’ll miss is the Teen Grid’s relatively small, familiar Resident population. I’ll miss the builds, the TSL-specific areas, the user-owned and educational sims. It’ll be like losing a bit of me, if that makes sense. A piece of myself.

As a friend of mine said earlier, when someone transfers from the Teen Grid, it’s almost as if the person died. If you have no other way of contacting them (including alts on the other grid, whatever the case may be), they’re seriously gone – nothing’s left of them except their builds, products, the occasional quote, and the memories made.

I just hope I leave good memories for people… I’ve made many, many good memories, and several bad ones already.
Sad indeed those who don’t live to see their first rez day…

So Second Life goes.


~ by Blau Rascon on June 30, 2009.

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  1. Nice!

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