My First Memories

x2, if I already did this.

Just going to list off the places I remember from the start of my SL existence, and see if any of them are still around…

Lewis – Welcome Area
+The beginning of my SL self… this was my home location for a long time. Friended my first few people here. Now, I can’t really stand the welcome area – I don’t really like the crowds. I like the place, not the crowd. Bah. I can’t type.

Pullman and Adams – Hedge Maze and Sandbox
+I remember running around here with Hatred (and Xana, I think? and some random newbs) for about an hour, haha. I loved it. Thought I’d never get out. Adams was right next door, and most of it is a sandboxy place that you can rez in. I remember a ginormous fort. The hedge maze is still there, and Adams is pretty much the same.

Nix – Freebie Bazaar
+I was only here for a few minutes on my first day, to get me outfitted with some stuff and check my height, so on. The bazaar’s changed forms many times over the months, but it’s still there.

Alcove – GlitchTEC Mall
+I spent 80% of my time here. I also had my first encounter with banlines here… lmao. Anyway… from what I remember, it was entirely a rental stall mall. I was going to rent out a stall, but I didn’t get a chance to. First floor, like I said… second floor was empty apart from a meeting room, until Club Luminos came along… and that’s when the meeting room went upstairs, and so on so forth. Alcove’s gone off to Maingrid with its owner, GlitchTEC is dead, and Club Luminos is floating around landless.

Sandbox Islands
+They were actually fairly empty when I first came here. Hatred was building her belly rings (building was something I was really, really unfamiliar with, so I just sorta sat around and looked cuteish), some people came around, we built a ginormous box to keep them out, they came in anyway. The sandboxes are still here, but… very rarely will you catch me on the sandbox floor, haha.

Leviathan – Furry Plateau
+Oh, the joys of FP… I got my Furtool here, something that’s stuck with me through my entire SL time. I got a bunch more stuff from there… including some TF2 gestures (I wish I’d have gotten all of them, but it was like… a thousand L$, so I didn’t). Leviathan’s pretty much disappeared (Can’t find it on MG’s SLURL, so yeah)… with it went the Furtool.

…There are more, but my memory and mind are fuzzy right now. Some other time, I’ll fix this up.


~ by Blau Rascon on June 22, 2009.

One Response to “My First Memories”

  1. I had bought Leviathan 😛

    And named it Haven lol, than renamed it to Ecbatana, and than sold it to Fi Folland, it is now Epic XD

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