Missed a Day

Ayeah, I missed a day… I need to keep up on blog reading.

Anyway, gonna cram two into here, Sunday and Monday’s BBBC’s [linky linky]

How long have you been a blogger? How has it enriched your life?

I’ve been a blogger for…not very long. I did ‘spot blogging’ (very very, veeery scattered blogging) back in sixth grade on up through middle school, but that was about the extent of everything. The only other ‘blogging’ I’ve done was through journals on Deviantart, Myspace and other sites.

Thanks to a sudden urge to vent, get my voice heard, and impulse of reading several blogs (including Arwyn’s, Daniel’s, and several others), I pulled together (???) and got myself a blog. [Apparently TG bloggers are scarce…? I’m glad to add to the number, then. TG needs a strong voice – while other bloggers are well ahead of me in that respect/regard, I’m just happy to (try) to add in my own way. That was horrible, horrible grammar, but whatever, haha.]

I’m starting to like blogging. It’s a great way to vent, relieve stress, and get your opinions out about things.

Moving along, though that was quick… to Monday’s:

Describe what your perfect Second Life day would be like.

My perfect day… I have no idea where to start. I actually have a few ‘perfect day’ scenarios… that doesn’t make much sense, but whatever.

One perfect day would be getting on and seeing the sandbox empty.
Another would be seeing the group o’trolls [You know who you are] disbanded.
Another would be being able to walk through the southern sims without running into an army base or being shot at.
Another would be having the money to get the land and items I’d love.
Another would be friending a Linden. x3

All those together would be the perfect perfect day. I’d probably go back to sleep though… such a day like that would never happen, haha. I wish it would, though.

C’est la vie SL.

-shot for bad grammar-


~ by Blau Rascon on June 15, 2009.

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