Whether we like it or not, transferring is a hot topic for those on the Teen Grid. We all have to transfer at some point, no matter how long we can delay the process.

A fair chunk of the people I’ve met are pretty nonchalant about things. “Oh, yeah, I transfer [insert date here]” is pretty common. I get a lot of sadfaces, too, but yeah.

For those who don’t know.. and I can’t imagine anyone not knowing this… transferring, on the Teen Grid, means when a person transfers from the Teen Grid to the Main Grid, generally happening when they hit 18 and age-verify (or if they get caught overage and are forced to transfer).

Personally… I don’t really mind much. I turn 18 in November, and I don’t really care about telling people. I’m not going to try and fight transferring.

I’m anxious, to say the least. I’ll have been on the TG for 11 months, and all of a sudden, poof, shoved into an enormous new world. I guess that’s how most everyone feels unless they’ve been to the MG before. I haven’t.

Oh, well. At least I’ll have a few friends waiting for me.
At least…four or so of my friends will transfer either before me or shortly after me. One of them transfers a week before I do. That’ll be neat… a friend who’s new to the MG like I am.
My SL mentor person…whatever… Dunno how to word it. My best friend, she’s on MG already… so that’ll be awesome. I’ll have someone to show me the ropes, haha.

I just hope the transfer to MG goes smoothly. I’ll miss everyone on TG really bad… but hey… they’ll transfer eventually too.
Thing is… that’s usually three or four years from now.



~ by Blau Rascon on June 11, 2009.

2 Responses to “Transferring”

  1. Just so you know, there is a mandatory beat down for all freshmen and funny hat requirement.

    Honestly, the adult content changes will have been done by then and you will pretty much be going from G Rated to the same. You might notice the sense of urgency in those around you to self you stuff you don’t need, but you will get used to it.

    Brings lots of Lindens.

    • Haha, funny hat… that’ll be fun.

      I’m not so much worried about the adult content.. it’s more going from a grid that has about three hundred people on at most, to a grid that has several thousand. It’ll be crazy.

      Great many thanks for the comment, too. Much appreciated 🙂

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