One Sim

This is in response to Arwyn Quandry’s latest blog, viewable here.

In short, Twilight Linden recently posted in the SL forums, stating that the Teen Grid will get one birthday sim this year, and the teen event will be builds to be sent to the Maingrid.


While I’m glad that the TG isn’t being completely ignored here, it angers me that that seems to be all they’re doing for this year’s SL birthday.
All I can do is hope that the islands will be used for more than just those builds. If that’s all that’s being done this year, LL can expect to hear from me.

I’ve been on TG for at least seven months, and I’ve seen four Linden appearances.
-Glimpse of Blue at an office hour that quickly went to hell
-Two Lindens cleaning up some stuff from an abuse report
-Blue at the RFL Benefit

…Seriously. That’s it.

I didn’t go to Hugsville, so I have no idea what went on there. I think that’s been the largest Linden gathering on the TG for a long time, though, and that’s kinda sad.

LL, what are you planning? Are you planning anything? Seriously… come on.

</anger moment>


~ by Blau Rascon on June 11, 2009.

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