I’m in way too many.

Seriously. I’m in 20 groups as of now, with the max at 25. I just left three groups to make room. D:

As much as I didn’t want to… I left the Grid Merge group. Seeing as the merge is either canceled or severely delayed, the group has turned into a complete spamfest. 80% of the spam conferences I get come from it.
So, while that’s a blow to me personally (leaving a group I support), it’s for the better.

Soren Jaakobs Core, I want to join the group again when I get more room.. even if it is just funky notices. Ah well.


Let’s see… Out of 20 groups: 3 I created, 4 I support, 3 I’m some sort of admin in, 5 are by friends… gwah. It’s crazy.

Hopefully I’ll figure stuff out.
I use my alt for groups I don’t -have- to be in, but want updates for… so that’s a cleanout effort. I guess.

I seriously only hide like one group from my profile. Mostly because it’s a duplicate of another group.

Ah well. Short babbling of a half-awake Blau. I’ll expand on this some other time, I guess.


~ by Blau Rascon on June 9, 2009.

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