An Update on Floyd

I haven’t really updated anything about her since last week, and I figure I should now.

Floyd went in with Milton on Wednesday last week to get checked out. Turns out that she had not only a mammary gland tumor, but both of her back feet had nasty infections on them that I hadn’t noticed until the drive in.

Either way. The tumor was about the size of a golf ball then. The infections on her feets, the vet prescribed some powerful antibiotics to fight it. They’re common in overweight rats with rough litter – Floyd’s about 1lb 9oz (heavier than both my other rats) and was on rough aspen litter.

She went in for surgery on Friday to get rid of the tumor. She made it through the surgery alright, and was still doped up when she came home (which is always kinda amusing… I love sleepy rats). She has staples on the cut that come out this Friday.

As of today, her feet are starting to heal up nicely, and the cut looks… kinda gross (the good kind of gross; the healy-clotty gross). She’s not messing with her feet or the staples, which is really good.
She also doesn’t seem to mind her meds, which is even better, since I have to give her kinda a lot at once (.5cc).

Either way, Floyd’s doing well. 😀


~ by Blau Rascon on June 8, 2009.

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