Enriching the Grid

A group notice sent out by a good friend of mine got this idea going…

What is there to enrich the grid? To make it a better place?

I saw elsewhere people were saying that armies were making it better…

To that, I say LOL. Literally. Unless you’re into Counter-Strike or whatever the latest games are, they do nothing to enrich the grid.
I know I for one don’t like being shot at by some noob in a safe zone who thinks that 4987lb of armor and a hugeass gun will make him macho, but sounds like he hasn’t even hit puberty yet.

And while, yes, I respect the larger armies for being fairly well organized, having a fair amount of land, and etc etc, seriously, if you want to shoot someone, go to a friggin battle sim.

Running around the mainland with your tag on acting all “GIVE ME L OR I SHOOT YOU” is not healthy.

Bleh. That’s for my army rant in earlier posts.

They also say Furnation and Furry Plateau are there to enrich the grid…
Well, FP is mostly gone (apart from FPU, but I’m not really associated with them atm so I can’t tell you much) and FurNation’s kinda fallen from simdom to whatever parcel size they have now.
The FN thing? Members of a certain group think it’s amusing to come and troll whenever they feel like it. From what I know, that kinda thing didn’t happen much when FN had its own sim, but now, it’s harder to keep idiots out. Quality of life is going down, I guess – it’s awesome in FN, but yeah. I don’t like being trolled.

Personally, I think Fi’s islands [and Beau Monde] enrich the grid. Not only’s there a ton of stuff to do there, but you can buy/rent your own land with a Basic account. Total win. Doesn’t sound like a huge deal, yes, but how many places can you do that in now?
Beau Monde has pretty awesome high-quality clothing and accessories. That’s an enrichment in itself. Expensive and often no-copy, yes, but it’s still nice having good quality items around.

I think the RFL events are enriching things too. Yeah, it’s attracted a few trolls, but any good event’s gonna do that. :/

And I have to end this now, I’m getting reeeaally offtrack from school. LAST DAY FTW!


~ by Blau Rascon on June 5, 2009.

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