I’ve only been on Second Life for about six 0r seven months, and yet a large chunk of sims have died out…
Just gonna do a quick summary here.

Tierheim – As he had to quit by order of his parents, Zombie sold the sim. From what I know, it’s on Main Grid somewhere, but that’s really the extent of my knowledge.

Def – Combine a dash of copybot issues with a few DMCA claims, and the rest is history. -shrug- To be short, the owner was banned, ergo, the island poofed. Makes me kinda sad really. I loved the layout of the island.

Haven – I mostly remember this place from the Oceanside Mall. I remember it took me a long time to pull together the courage to go there because there were always so many people, haha. Either way, from what I know, Haven was reclaimed and renamed Ecbatana. I heard that Ecbatana was to become a military sim, but I coudn’t confirm that – I avoid military sims to begin with, so I didn’t want to just intrude like that. Either way, Ecbatana poofed a week or two later. Not sure where it is now.

Aegis – Again, from what I heard, the owner was unable to continue payments on the island, and so gave it up. I’m not sure whether the island was sold or just deleted, though it was probably the latter.

Alcove – This was the sim I grew up on, haha. It transferred to Main Grid along with its owner back in… January or February, I think. It’s still on Main Grid to my knowledge, after doing a SLurl search.

Leviathan – I don’t know much about what happened to this FP-owned sim. I heard that it was just abandoned and deleted, but honestly, I’m not sure. What I do know is that with it went the only FurTool vendor on Teen Grid. Pretty noticable blow there.

Sabine – I’ve only been to this sim once, as it was a military battle sim. I was really surprised that they let us stay on the sim for a while, haha. Either way, not sure what happened to the sim. I just noticed it was gone a week or two ago, around the time Aegis poofed.

Those counted up, seven user-owned sims died in the past few months. A sad thing, really.  I guess it was somewhat counterbalanced by the addition of a few new sims to the Eutopia estate, but any way you look at it, seven sims to the Teen Grid is a lot.

The Digischool sim in the edu-isles region to the south of the mainland also disappeared. It was pretty empty most of the time, but pretty well-built as a tropical island-style sim from the Netherlands. I liked it.

The Hugsville sim, I don’t know if I should count that, haha. A well-designed Linden sim for Valentines Day, it stayed up for about three weeks before being removed.

I’m not sure how many other edu-sims have gone down… I haven’t really paid much attention there. -shrug-

If you think this is bad, just imagine what things’ll be like after Fi and whoever owns Beau Monde (it’s group owned) transfer. Eesh. There’d pretty much be… three user-owned sims after that, all military (not including the edu-isles). Eh.

From what I know though, the FPU group, a group of the remaining Furry Plateau members on the Teen Grid (I think), they’re aiming to raise enough funds to purchase a sim. It’s an awesome goal, and I hope they’re able to achieve it before I transfer – I’d love to see what they can do.


~ by Blau Rascon on May 31, 2009.

2 Responses to “Sim-Be-Gone”

  1. Yes Haven was turned into a Military Sim, and than it technically didn’t poof, i just sold to Fi Folland; and it is now Epic…oh and Leviathan wasn’t deleted, i bought it and thus Haven was born LOL…

    Now for Aegis…Aegis has a bad history well not the region itself, but its owner; Zybez Atlas…Zybez was/is a well known scam artist, backstabber and liar. He ripped off 3 of his really good friends, and blamed it on other people; and he hacked my account (and deleted my whole inventory and everything and blah blah blah)…and hes known for illegal chargebacks via paypal (how he rips people off) and after enough complaints, Linden Lab was useful for once and banned him, than unbanned him and than banned him again….hes back as Tylor Boxen….and anyway back to Aegis, Linden Lab took it back after Zybez scammed them outta nearly USD$1000.00…so yeah…

    • oooh, I see… Never knew these things.
      Great many thanks for the info and comments, much appreciated. : D

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