In Eros – RFL Benefit!

The party’s still goin’ as I’m typing this, haha! 8)

Anyway, as people probably know In Eros Veritas hosted a benefit pool party for Relay for Life. They agreed to match, Lindenbuck for Lindenbuck, partygoer donations that night…

And we raised just over 11,000L$! So, that means, the total donated should be somewhere around 22,000L$, which is somewhere around 100$US. Sweet work everyone!

EDIT: Updated, we raised approx. 31,000L$!! Amazing work!


Anysways, I took several snapshots of the party, which I’ll upload to my Flickr account shortly, viewable here~:

I’ll link more to the individual photos after they’re all uploaded.

Either way, the party was pretty awesome. I got there about a half an hour late because of some other business, but didn’t matter – I was there haha 8).

Anysways, my friend, who had gone ahead of me, IM’d me to let me know Blue was there. Yeh, Blue Linden. I squee’d – I’d only seen him for about half a second before, at one of the few office hours held when I first joined.

I managed to snap a few pictures of him before he had to go – offnote but, his av is awesome.

I spent the first 10 minutes or so sitting on a raft in the pool. My friend and I were really the only people in the pool at the time, haha. I was expecting more people.

For about 20 mins after that, I danced around by the pool with my friends, haha. Then, I managed to get up onto the dance platform over the pool. I won a small prize for dancing (glee!) and donated that, and a bit extra, to RFL.

Since then, we’ve been dancing  and listening to music. T’is great fun tonight. 8)

Overall, as of now, we’ve raised about 150$US . Awesome sauceee.

Haha… I’m getting so offtopic. Anyway, I’m gonna end the entry for now, keep posted 8)


Flickr group with pics of the event(s)! woot!


~ by Blau Rascon on May 29, 2009.

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