Botting, II

I just need something to ramble about before I go to bed. I’m freezing.

I’m slowly starting to understand just how big of an impact copybotting and other forms of content theft are affecting not only the Teen Grid, but the entirity of Second Life.

It struck me as bad before, seeing as Def was taken down completely for it – I loved that sim, its layout, everything. That’s what made things hit home, I guess.

Anyway, it struck me as bad – botting was theft, and theft is bad. Yeh. That I understood. I slowly came to understand that it was also killing the TG content creation process – teen grid creators have a hard time against the superior main grid content. As said before, anyone who wants to make some Converse shoes for sale is going to have a bit of a hard time against the botted Pornstar shoes circulating about as freebies.

Now, I have no idea how I didn’t manage to piece this next part together before.

When a Teen Resident transfers to Main Grid, they take their entire inventory with them.

Yep. Botted stuff and all.

Just imagine how horridly that’ll affect the maingrid creators – something they might’ve worked for weeks on, circulating as a fullperms freebie.

Now, while the content creators have access to IP right claims and DMCA stuff (which I have to read up on yet), but there’s one problem. Main Grid residents can’t access the Teen Grid, and vice-versa – there’s no way for content creators to learn of the theft that’s taken place, unless complicated (and sometimes illegal) measures are taken – relaying messages through non-SL messaging programs to maingrid residents to relay again to the content creators, or possibly, making an alternate account on the Main Grid.

Eh, I ramble. Long story short, it’s very hard to get in contact with the Main Grid content creators to let them know what’s going on. To my knowledge, only two of the MG creators that’ve been ripped off have taken any action.

Again, some people might think this is just a nuisance affecting only a few creators. Nope. It’s ripping off a fair chunk of creators. There’s a list out, but it’s starting to storm here, so I’ll have to get it later. (Hilarious excuse, I know, but really. It’s storming here and I’m going to have to rush this last bit.)

Long long story short, I’m slowly starting to realize how copybotting is affecting the teen grid, more than I saw before. I transfer towards the end of the year… that’ll be my time to see what the Main Grid thinks of all this. My best guess? Not a lot of people will care except for the content creators when faced with solid evidence.

Ah well. I’ll post another bit to this later. Lightning just went boom outside.


~ by Blau Rascon on May 28, 2009.

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