Critter Issues

Floyd’s ‘tumor’, Milton’s hellacious allergies, Tucker’s seizures, Mycroft’s obesity, Paisley’s respiratory disease…

Why is it that most all of our pets are sick in some way or another?

Just a week or so ago, our pet frog, Frog of Doom, died. From what I saw, she scratched her nose pretty badly and it got a nasty infection. It spread to her eyes… not a whole lot that could’ve been done.

Milton’s got hellacious allergies, or mites – we don’t know which. I swapped out his aspen pellet litter in favor of newspaper, and that seems to have helped. He tore his neck and back to shreds already – open wounds, blood, missing fur and all. The vet cleaned him up and gave him two shots – an ivomec shot to kill any bugs he might have, and a long-lasting antibiotic to keep the scratches from being infected while they healed. The open spots are pretty much scabbed/healed now but he’s still got bald spots on his neck and hates being touched.

Floyd’s lump was covered in the last post. Only, now I learn that we might have to wait a while to get her looked at, as we’ve run into some money issues, what with some other bills and bank screwups coming in. Good thing I saved up a fair chunk of money that should cover the cost of her checkup and probably surgery (netuering was 60$, not sure how much regular surgery is).

Paisley’s had respiratory issues since I got him. Looking at the way he was housed at the pet store, I wouldn’t be surprised if he had some form of myco (a rat’s/mouse’s version of athsma; very infective, spread by guinea pigs). He went through a round of antibiotics last year and that seems to have cleared up a fair bit of his issues. He’s also had bad lice.

I don’t talk of him much anymore, but our agouti rat Wagner.. he died last November. He was fine that morning, but when I got home from a doctor visit, he was gone. Completely gone, and getting stiff. Paisley was really depressed for about a week. We think he might’ve either had a stroke/heart attack or choked on something – he wasn’t bleeding anywhere and I didn’t feel anything out of the ordinary, so…

Our dog Mycroft is ungodly fat. He’s doxen/chihuahua, and used to be fairly skinny. Now, he shovels anything he can find into his face. I think he should weigh about 12lb or so. He weighs about 22-25lb. It’s hard to pick him up, he has random attacks where he can’t breathe, his eyes are bloodshot, so on so forth. This isn’t helped by our other dog, who pretty much lets him eat whatever.

Tucker, the other dog in question, has been having seizures about once a month for the past three months, that we know of – they’re unsupervised for most of the day, as dad’s at work and I’m usually upstairs, so we don’t know if he’s had any others. The vets suspect epilepsy, but I heard his liver wasn’t doing so great, so I have no idea what’s going on. He has random bouts where he throws up a lot and refuses to eat much, then every now and then he gets really lovey, and about an hour later just seizes up and shakes violently. The first time Dad noticed this, he started petting Tucker to calm him down. Tucker, though, in his seizure state, didn’t know it was Dad, and ended up tearing Dad’s fingers apart. When he snapped out of it, he knew he did something wrong, but he didn’t know what – he slinked around and was acting all “I’m sorry!” for the next hour or two. With luck, the bloodwork and urine tests they did today will show what’s going on.

We also had a few fish a few months back that had some sort of fungal infection on their face, rotted away half their heads. They had no mouths anymore.

Haha. Why is it we always get the sick critters!
I think the only critters that haven’t really been sick yet would be my mice. Although Finn’s getting fat, they’re otherwise in good health. Same for most of the fish in the fishtanks downstairs.



~ by Blau Rascon on May 26, 2009.

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