So I totally did not know today was a holiday. Nor did I know I had off school today. Haha. Figured it out on Friday.

The past few days were weird. Stayed up till 4AM yesterday, slept till 2PM, stayed outside till 7PM (through a thunderstorm, wee!), then stayed up till 2AM.
Hooray for funky sleep schedules!

Being homeschooled messes with your mind after a while. I don’t take notice to when holidays are because, well, I don’t really care as much – I used to love having off when I went to public school, but now, haha, it doesn’t really matter. N0t having to wake up at a certain time is great, but it can really screw with your mind, as you saw earlier. Funky sleep schedules for the win.

Along those lines, I have about… three units of schoolwork left to finish. I want to finish it before the end of May, but it doesn’t look like that’s going to happen, haha. If I can haul ass through Technical Writing, then Web Design shouldn’t be too hard.

One thing I -hate- is that I can’t use my desktop computer for schoolwork much anymore. Java decided to be an ass and now whenever I go on an assignment/quiz page that has Java text fields in it, Firefox just shuts itself off completely. No crash warnings, no “Cannot display page”, no. Just poof. IE does it too. [Happened so far with Firefox 2 and 3, btw.]

Web Design is gonna be a hiccup then. I use my desktop to draw and whatnot, but I have to use my laptop to submit them. I can’t email them to myself per se; can’t access MSN or anything over laptop due to content filters, and school email is funky with attachments and emails. I wish I had a giant USB cord to connect them or something.

Ah well. My school’s officially out on June 30, so I have a fair amount of time to finish stuff up.

As for summer plans, a friend’s invited me to go camping at the local amusement park (hoo!), and in July, I might go with her to an anime con in Maryland (I think). I want to try to get to the Reading Air Show, but that’s next week, and the local school’s graduation happens to be that weekend. Hng.

I need to see when I start school again after summer break. My advisor dude says I could potentially graduate this fall, but eeh, I don’t want to. I think I’ll just take the classes I need credits in in the fall and just take a ton of extra classes for the spring to finish off the year.

Then I need to think about college. Ha. Haha. I’m so not ready for college.

I’m going to take cyber college and I want to do something with computers. That’s all I know. Awesome preparation, no?
I’m going to pile on some computer classes next year. I’m taking computer programming and  probably Flash or Maya as well.

As to what job I want, I have no flipping idea. I want to do something with computers. That’s all I know.

Oh, the joys of getting old. Or growing up. Whatever. I feel old.

My 18th birthday is Nov 10 of this year. Looking at that, it’s hard to believe. I’m almost freakin’ 20. 20! Two decades! Wtf!

I’m liking the whole 18th birthday = adult = able to do a shitton more stuff idea. But I’m not liking the whole 18th birthday = adult = shitton more responsibility craps to do. Hng. Guess everyone feels like that sometimes.


~ by Blau Rascon on May 25, 2009.

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