Some Medical Issues

I’m sick. A lot.

It started like… either late 9th grade or early 10th grade. I started not being able to stomach as much food as I used to. Not too much of a problem, true, but I started getting some upset stomachs and random small pain cramps. Again, not too big of an issue, but I got checked out anyway.

My main doctor referred me to a pediatric gastrointerologist (I can never spell that word). Oddly enough, John has the same doctor (John has some nasty gallbladder/liver problems). That made me happy.

I went through a shitton of tests.
I can’t remember what order they went in, so I’ll just best guess them.Now, I didn’t mention this yet, but I will explain it shortly – I have a phobia of syringes. Like, hypodermic needles. This fear was pretty bad back then, so, it was pretty stressful.

Things started out shitty. I ended up in the ER twice in October of 2007. I had an ungodly nasty rib cramp – we thought it was my gallbladder at the time. Whatever it was, I couldn’t breathe, and it hurt something fierce. Hence, emergency room.
The first time I was there, I was terrified. More or less, after about an hour, one of the doctors told me to take some extra strength ibuprofen and it should get rid of itself. That didn’t work. So, I went in again, and this time, they gave me an IV with some painkillers. I freaked out something fierce at the IV. The fun thing was, the doctor giving me the IV was afraid of needles too. That was interesting, haha. Either way.
They gave me some sort of crazy painkiller. It didn’t kill the pain, but it did get me high for about two hours. That was fun, and honestly, that’s the only experience with drugs I’ve had – doctor supervised pain medications and/or sedatives.

Radiation gallbladder emptying test. That was the first, I remember. More or less, you get a small dose of radiation stuck into you through an IV, your liver filters it out and stuffs it into your gallbladder, then your gallbladder is stimulated so it contracts and empties. Doctors x-ray or whatever this whole process to make sure the gallbladder is emptying correctly.
Anyway. The doctor – really nice radiologist dude – brings in the medicine and puts the IV in. I flip out a bit, but eh, it’s in, i’m fine. He puts the radiation into the IV.
Here’s a little backstory. My mom had this done when her gallbladder freaked out about twelve or so years ago. She turned out to have a reaction to the thing and ended up puking and passing out.
Guess what I did?
Haha. It scared the hell out of about six nurses. I remember things going really blurry, I got really tired, then bam, I went to sleep. The doctor giving me the IV caught me and woke me up apparently, but about that time, four or so nurses were already walking/running/whatever over to see what happened. I pretty much said to them, “What? What happened? That was weird.”
The test in general lasted about three hours. Towards the middle of that, they put the huge-ass gallbladder stimulant syringe into my IV. That terrified me.
The results of that test came back normal.

Next up, barium. Yeh. Barium. It’s gross as hell.
I had to drink two big paper cups of it. It was supposed to taste like strawberries, but holy hell, it tasted like strawberry pocky blended with paint and Rolaids.
It took me about an hour and a half or so to down the whole thing. There was a big upside though – the test was supposed to take four hours, but it only took two. Apparently, when my guts get something they don’t like, and they can’t puke it up, they shove it through my system as fast as possible.
That bit sucked. It was pretty freakin awesome to be able to see my own intestines via x-ray monitor though.

Next up, radiation stomach emptying test. Pretty much, you get a radiation’d egg sammitch [Good lord, i loved that thing. Toast with scrambled eggs in it. :D!]
That was uneventful. I got a hot sammitch, some cold water, and every 15 minutes had to get my stomach x-rayed.

I’ve had two upper endoscopies and one lower endoscopy.
More or less, twice I’ve had a tube down my throat, and once a colonoscopy.

The first upper endoscopy was just to check and see wtf was wrong with my guts. That didn’t turn up much apart from finding out that I’m slightly anemic (for which i was put on 15mg iron pills). The second endoscopy was a couple-up with the colonoscopy, which was done to find out why I was bleeding rather heavily from.. well. yeh. lmfao. it was a LOT of blood. It scared the hell out of me. Either way, that was uneventful apart from getting high off of sedatives again and gigglesnorting at the doctors. Oh, and I had my IV put in by a trainee. Haha. I felt good about that – he didn’t know what he was doing quite yet, but he did it pretty good. I did bleed, but that’s to be expected.
Either way, that was uneventful. I got some medicine and that cleared up the bleeding.

I found out some stuff on my own though. Apparently, I’m lactose intolerant towards milk – I can have cheese and ice cream and whatnot, but not straight milk. I can’t have a lot of mint at once, same with chocolate. Oddly, eating any of those in combination with each other, I’m generally fine.

I had a weeeird stomach thing going on apparently.. The doctor said it was my stomach losing its ability to handle large amounts of food at once, but eh.


~ by Blau Rascon on May 18, 2009.

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