I have way too much free time on my hands. And I need to push more RL stuff into this thing, so, here goes. A diary of today or..yesterday… damn you, midnight, sneaking up on me so!

So, last night, I went to sleep at eight – a good two to four hours earlier than I usually do. I wanted to see how early I’d wake up if I went to sleep that early. That, and I was tired.

Now, random note – I usually check time with my cell phone. Thing is, this thing’s down to 1.3 minutes (yay, tracfone), so it’s downstairs, turned off, waiting for a new phone card, haha. So, I’ve no way to check time save for unlocking my computer / turning on my school laptop.

I woke up very early in the morning. Dad was getting a shower, and the central air heat thing was on. I pretty much remember rolling over a few times trying to get comfortable again and grumbling about the heater.

Thing is, I couldn’t breathe. It took me a bit to realize that.
I’ve been having weird asthma / allergy crap going on with my chest lately, leading to random bouts of being unable to breathe. That I can deal with, so long as it’s during the day.
This woke me up in the middle of the night. I was scared. I didn’t know how long my throat was like that for. I pretty much just started coughing and rolling over trying to get comfortable.

About ten minutes later, dad went downstairs from his shower. About ten minutes after that, I couldn’t take coughing anymore, and went downstairs to take some medicine. I ended up taking two generic Benadryl, blowing my nose a couple thousand times, coughing a couple thousand times, half-crying, and trying to laugh but ending up coughing. It was a weird hour.

This was about… 4:30AM. I did a little math in my head. I got eight hours of sleep, hurrah! That wasn’t so bad. I swear, I have to have precognition or something. : x

Anyway. About an hour or two later, me and Dad made some french toast. It was nommy.
As per usual with me and breakfast, and eating things late at night / early in the morning, I got sick. Joy. It’s like your stomach goes on Blender mode. Not fun.
I get over being sick, and finish up the french toast. And of course, right about then, the generic Benadryl really kicked in.

Holy crap. It’s like those painkillers that almost put you to sleep.

So pretty much, around 8AM, I went upstairs and went to sleep again. I ended up sleeping until about noon.

After dragging myeslf out of bed and waking up for a second time, I started schoolwork. Though, being me, and not wanting to pull out of the weekend, I ended up getting on Second Life and messing around for about half an hour before I started any real schoolwork.

I finished Consumer Math II last week, so that leaves me with three courses left – Criminal and Consumer Law, Web Design, and Technical Writing. Seeing as Criminal and Consumer Law is the course I’m ahead in, I figure I’ll finish off that course next.

I thought I’d already taken the Unit 3 exam, but apparently, I haven’t. Joy and joy again – I didn’t take it before because my grade was floundering in that class and I didn’t want to push it any lower.

I took the Unit 3 Exam Review, and ended up getting 22/25 on the first try. I was amazed. I took it a second time and got a perfect score. Things are looking good for today.
I opened up the Unit 3 Exam and filled it out. Hooray for entirely multiple choice exams! I scroll down to the bottom when I’m done and hit Submit.

The page freezes.
I wait. The page unfreezes and pretty much says that navigation was cancelled.


To make a long story short, after about half an hour of fighting and angry faces, I managed to connect to the school site again. Apparently, if you leave the report card page or whatever open for too long, your connection to the school server gets eaten. Whether it’s a bug or an anti-cheat feature, I dunno, but it’s pretty annoying.
That aside, I scuttle to my exam page. Apparently, it’s submitted. I guess luck was on my side – it submitted my assignment before it froze over, so my assignment was saved. I glee’d. I got an 81 on the quiz – not so great compared to my normal scores, but hey, after bombing a bunch of my other assignments, I was happy.
I scuttled over to my report card again, and as a total, I have an 82% in that class. That’s been bumped up at least a percent because of the past two quizzes. I’m happy.

I figure, hey, I’m done for today, but I need to get that grade up a smidge more. So, I got onto the Getting Started thing in the class and took the first bonus thingy – pretty much, what is cheating, what is plagiarism, etc. I’m pretty sure I aced that, so glee, ten bonus points.

That’s pretty much my day yesterday from about 8PM to about 2PM the next day. Haha. I don’t do much.

So pretty much, later on today, I plan on doing half of a unit in Criminal and Consumer Law for school, and.. well, that’s more or less it.

Doodly doo dweeeee.


~ by Blau Rascon on May 12, 2009.

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