1.23 RC1

Oh joy and glee, the latest Release Candidate for Second Life…

As of right now, the latest release candidate is 1.23 RC1, so, that’s what I’m talking about, haha. If they come out with RC2 tomorrow or in two weeks, ah well… eh. I’m tired.

1.23 RC1 is the first Release Candidate for 1.23 that force updates – if you’re running the latest 1.22 Release Candidate, they bug you to update your viewer.

Now, me, I tried 1.23 RC0 the day it came out. I was curious.
Oh man, it failed hard. Then again, I’m really used to 1.22.
I ended up downgrading back to 1.22, then re-upgrading when RC1 came out and I had to upgrade, haha.


The latest version is a bit… well, fairly different from the last viewer. I’ll start with some stuff I like. I wanna keep things organized.

One thing I -love- is being able to see who’s around you by hovering over the Mini Map. When you get your hands on the latest viewer, try it – open up your Mini Map and hover your mouse cursor over a green dot near you. A hover tip will show up with the person’s name and what sim they’re in. If you right-click the dot, you now have the option to bring up the person’s profile.
I love this feature. I have a scanner HUD attachment, yes, and that’s amazingly useful for seeing who’s around you at a glance, but what if the person is out of the scanner’s range (roughly 96m)? Say, if they’re hovering over you around 120m or so. That’s where this minimap comes in handy. (It’s also great since I don’t have to altcam over to see someone now.)

On the Build menu, the selected object’s prim count is shown just below the Less…/More… button. I’m picky about primcount in my builds and I’m not a fan of having to swap back and forth between tabs to check prim count, so this is really nifty to me. 8 ) They could make it more noticeable, though. It’s kinda crammed in there. On top of that, there’s a weird blank spot where the prim count usually is.

There’s also a new button in an object’s Contents tab that lets you bulk change permissions. I haven’t tested this out yet, but it seems pretty useful. (I know of a few other people who’d really like this feature, haha.)

One thing that -really- bugs me is that they changed the pie menu when you click on an attachment.
Know what I mean? On the old RC / old Main Release, when you right click an attachment on your body / HUD, you’d bring up the simple pie menu – Edit, Drop, and Detach. On the latest RC, you’ve got a new pie menu – it’s just like clicking any other part of your body mesh now. You get the Profile, Gestures, Friends, Appearance, etc. menus. You need to click More…, then you get the Edit, Drop, and Detach options.. which are in completely different spots than before.
I’ll be honest. This threw me off the first umpteen times I tried to edit something. It made me mad. The thing is – I can understand why they’d do this for bodily attachments. Some people wear armor and whatnot a lot, and maybe just enough people bugged LL to have them put this on. Maybe this is some funky RC thing I wasn’t told about. Who knows. It’s completely beyond me, however, why they would put this menu on the HUD. Yeah – on the new RC, when you right click an object on your HUD, you bring up the Profile / Appearance / Gestures / whatever menu. That irks me something fierce.

As brought up elsewhere, a majorish issue with the latest Release Candidate is that for Teen Grid, it shows Main Grid’s showcase. For those who use the showcase, this is pretty irritating, and for those following the grid merge, it’s honestly confusing. For me, I think it’s interesting, and a bit weird. I don’t use the Showcase or Search options much unless I’m looking up a person, so… Hopefully, this is just an oopsie on LL’s part since this viewer is still in RC1, and hopefully it’ll be fixed by the time 1.23 hits Main Release.

I’ve got a pretty neutral view towards the content filters. Since they’re more or less stuck at PG on Teen Grid unless you tinker with the Advanced menu, they’re pretty much useless. …Well, now that I think about it… they are useless. There’s more or less no Mature land on TG, if you don’t count New Dunstan or whatever. (You can’t visit that sim anyway, so. And, if there is any Mature land on TG, I stand corrected. Either way.)

Something cute I noticed was that they changed the “Stop All Animations” to “Stop Animating My Avatar”. That made me giggle.. it’s kinda like they changed it so newbies can recognize it easier.

The rest of the update is like… random bits and bobstones I haven’t bothered to look at / can’t be bothered to test – like random updates to rendering thingers and the like.

So… overall, in my opinion, 1.23 has a -lot- of work that needs to be done. Hopefully, things’ll be fixed before this hits Main Release.

And.. offnote ish, but I think I’m going to stick with the Release Candidates. Iunno why… I like them.
I still have the 1.22 Main Release installed, haha, and the SLim First Look viewer. Heehee.

And I cannot believe I didn’t notice that “Show Hidden Selection” was under Tools menu. I seriously thought it was View or Advanced. Hngh. I need to pay more attention.

Anyway, naptime, night night.


~ by Blau Rascon on May 12, 2009.

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