Walk Across the Grid

Eh, keeping a short diary thingy of my walk across the grid. Bay City – Truro -> Appalachia, if you’re wondering. I’m not gonna try to hit all sims; just gonna try to get from point A to point B for now.
Snapshots will be posted after I finish the walk.
Times are gonna be in PST / SLT. +3hr for my time, if you’re curious.

Starting point on the map...

Starting point on the map...

8:47 – Finishing up some things – getting music to kill boredom, reading horoscope.
8:53 – Music picked and loading. Walk begins.
8:54 – Pass friend’s house in Truro. Note lag from Youtube music. Close Winamp.
8:55 – Cross sims into Oak Bluffs.
8:57 – Cross sims into Weston. Restart Youtube video.

I love FollowCam.

I love FollowCam.

8:58 – Take a few snapshots with FollowCam.
8:59 – Cross sims into Bay City – Sandwich.
9:01 – Cross sims into Bay City – Mashpee. Notice how short my av is compared to a fence I’m normally taller than. Restart Youtube video. Walk over random invisiprim (???).

Wait, what?

Wait, what?

9:02 – Sneeze like mad.
9:03 – Notice dark smudges on fire hydrant, start wondering what the dog did to it. Notice trolley, wish it was going the other direction. Take picture of self next to planet model in park. Notice gnome on planet model. Climb planet model to see gnome.
9:06 – Fall off planet model. Get stuck in Saturn’s rings.
9:07 – Un-stick self and start walking again.
9:07 – Cross sims into Bourne. Restart Youtube video.
9:08 – Take picture of self again.
9:09 – Cross sims into Hyperion. Lagwalk through street. Get stuck underground and spammed with particle ball.
9:10 – Disable particles, find way out.
9:11 – Alt-cam over to NK Multitool vendor to see if they’re repaired. Not repaired yet, sadface
9:12 – Cross sims into Loki. Close Youtube, start Winamp.
9:13 – Notice card vendor from 2006. 2006!!?

Shouldnt this be gone by now?

Shouldn't this be gone by now?

9:15 – Cross sims into Card. Almost get run over with trolley. Map glitches, all sims come up gray.
9:16 – Notice proximity to Welcome Area. Cut corners to avoid.
9:16 – Cross sims into Pullman.
9:17 – Notice that German rap sounds funny.
9:17 – Get chased by random person.
9:18 – Cross sims into Adams.
9:20 – Cross sims into Oasis.
9:20 – Cross sims into Andretti.
9:21 – Notice black blob on map. Change course to avoid possible army base.
9:22 – Put on cane.
9:23 – Cross sims into Stewart.
9:24 – WTF at some signs pointing opposite directions. Take picture. Alt-cam to see who the other person in the sim is.
9:25 – Cross sims into Biffle.
9:27 – Cross sims into Delphinidae. Put on swimming override.
9:28 – Disable current AO and turn on swimming override. Hop into water.
9:29 – Take pictures in water.

Least the water is warm here.

Least the water is warm here.

9:30 – Cross sims into Crustacea.
9:31 – Cross sims into Carroll.
9:33 – Cross sims into Tolkien. Swim/walk onto land. Enable AO, detach swim override.
9:34 – Facepalm at yet another shop with a Latin name. Facepalm again at the fact that most sims here are mountainous.
9:36 – Defy gravity and walk on vertical surfaces.
9:36 – Cross sims into Meiji East.
9:38 – Pass out.
9:39 – Cross sims into Zaius. Defy gravity again. Fling self across river.
9:40 – Revive self. Go mountain climbing.
9:41 – How can land be sexy?
9:42 – Succumb to gravity. Fall off cliff.
9:42 – Cross sims into Lodestone. Put on swim override and deactivate current AO again.
9:42 – Shake fist at / threaten / throw imaginary fruit at internet connection.
9:43 – Start swimming again.
9:43 – Fight with Winamp over protected music. WTF at damage-norez zones.
9:44 – Cross sims into Alloy. Lag-swim through ground.
9:44 – Did I just hear ‘Manic Fart’??
9:45 – WTF at reflection of smiley face over own head.
9:46 – Shake fist at no-entry land.

ALMOST in Scarborough

ALMOST in Scarborough

9:47 – Cross sims into Scarborough. Lag-run through ground. WTF?
9:47 – Sit on poseballs.
9:47 – Cross sims into Boscombe. Notice giant blue pumpkin in distance. Make mental note to visit it.
9:49 – Shake fist at no-entry land. Again.
9:50 – I’d love to see all the litter in the sky go physical.
9:51 – Cross sims into Derby. Get hungry.
9:52 – Put cane away. Get out pizza. Nom pizza.
9:53 – Glee at Nirvana song on Winamp. WTF at Celtic land.
9:53 – Cross sims into Lancashire. Get cramp in neck. Succumb to gravity. Pass out underwater.
9:53 – Revive self, stuff pizza in face.
9:54 – Wasn’t there a furry pr0nz club in this sim?…
9:54 – Cross sims into Brighton. …Drink pizza?
9:55 – Glee at Ramones song on Winamp. Put on Ramones shirt in-world.
9:55 – WTF at random dam in the river. Go mountain climbing again.
9:56 – Cross sims into Tremelo. Put cane back on. Put on swimming override, deactivate current AO. Put on Grid Merge shirt again.
10:00 – Cross sims into Arpeggio.
10:01 – Detach swim override, reactivate AO.
10:03 – Have fun clicking own ears.
10:04 – Take picture of self. Whee, again
10:04 – Cross sims into Opera. Lolz at -shop- with -buy pass- on. Yay for sucky ways to get customers!
10:06 – Pass out in middle of road. Slap self with pizza to revive
10:06 – Cross sims into Pop. Get notice for the 93847th time that the sim is running a different version. Poke sim status updater.
10:07 – Do inappropriate things to anti-religion billboard. Mute random thing screaming static.
10:10 – Notice church. Make note of where it is.
10:11 – Notice I’ve been going the wrong way. Turn around and haul bum back to sim edge.
10:11 – Why do AOs work in noscript zones, but other things don’t? [Turns off AO and puts on swim override.]
10:13 – Cross sims into Opera again. Jump off bridge. GOODBYE WORLD
10:13 – My pillow smells bad.
10:14 – Go rock climbing and succumb to gravity again. Fall off waterfall.
10:14 – Cross sims into Svecia.
10:15-10:16 – Phone call IRL
10:18 – FINALLY finish mountain climbing. Shake fist at damage – nofly zone.
10:19 – Wonder how the (*$# to get down without killing self.
10:20 – Start walking across vertical terrain.
10:21 – Slip and fall. Flip out. By sheer chance, land on no-damage parcel.
10:21 – Cross sims into Tenshi.
10:22 – Record self divebombing from 230m.
10:23 – Er, 200. ..150. 100. …50. Crap.
10:23 – Put on swim override again.
10:23 – Angryface at noscript zone. Lol at crack in the ground.
10:24 – Detach swim override and turn on regular override.
10:24 – Cross sims into Bleu.
10:25 – Notice radar still says Svecia. Lolz.
10:26 – Altcam and WTF at random spaceship-y thing.
10:26 – Inspect person’s items. Facepalm at converse. Least everything else seems okay.
10:27 – Cross sims into Lappi.
10:29 – Cross sims into Reggiano. Put on jacket. Hooray snow sims!
10:29 – Wap Winamp for protected content again.
10:32 – Look inside random shop.
10:33 – Wonder why most chicks in pants adverts on TSL are naked waist-up.
10:33 – Note where shop is to come back later.
10:33 – Take off cane and put on plushie.
10:35 – Get stuck in no-entry pen. Angryface.
10:35 – Eyes burn from oversaturation in snow. Pass out in snowbank.

Its too bright!... And the snow is eating me!

It's too bright!... And the snow is eating me!

10:36 – Realize massive amount of light was coming from Mt. Dew can. WTF?
10:37 – Cross sims into Tahoe. Sadfaces at water. I am not swimming in that. D:
10:38 – Cross sims into Sierra. Notice ski lift. Make note to come back here after end of walk to snowboard.
10:39 – Wonder if they’re doing Winterfest again this year. Wonder also what Linden holiday things are in store for TSL this summer.
10:40 – Cross onto old acquaintance’s land. Roflcopter at now-hated person.
10:40 – Cross onto some kid’s ‘teahouse’. I could go for some tea.
10:40 – Cross sims into Rainier.
10:41 – Walk up to river. No way around it…

No other way around it...

No other way around it...

10:43 – Crawl out of water. Run up to snowmen and flail.
10:45 – Resume walk.
10:46 – Cross sims into Shasta.
10:47 – Cross sims into Appalachia. Woo!
10:49 – Reach end of the road.
10:50 – Mountainclimb into Cyan’s land. Glees.
10:51 – Pushes random tire off of land. Puts down prim of joy.

I feel accomplished.
Yeah the time in the prim is a bit off but I don’t care right now~ :3
Putting pictures in now.. uploading to Flickr first. Will link to this entry from them.

EDIT: Okay way too many pics, wanna see them all, go here:http://www.flickr.com/photos/37118952@N04/ and a chunk of them are in the TG Walkthrough folder.


~ by Blau Rascon on May 4, 2009.

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