Opensim vs. Second Life

I’ve been finding it hard to choose between the two lately.

Now, when I talk of opensim, I’m talking about the server I’m hosting from my own computer – my own private islands. My own getaway. I’ve never really been on the OSGrid – the closest I’ve gotten with that was visiting the Oto Grid.


I want to get on Second Life. Mostly, to mess around with outfits and whatnot right now (new outfit the other day I need to finish up), and to clean my inventory (it REALLY needs it). But, I don’t want to get on right yet, because as soon as I do, there’ll be people after me, TPing to where I am…
I don’t mind that, really. To be honest, it’s the amount of people in the sandboxes that I’m thinking about now. Even though it’s just after noon here, there’re still gonna be a lot of people in the sandboxes. And while I fly up to about 4km to do my thing, it does get a bit annoying having a lot of people there at once.

The fun thing? You get lots of people to hang out with, and lots of items to play with. It’s all good.

Opensim, on the other hand, is completely private. I can, at any time,  change my INI files and lock everybody else out. (As of now, that wouldn’t matter; my internet is preventing people from logging into my sims anyway.) I don’t have any of my inventory from Second Life, which is an epic bummer, as I kinda need that…
On top of that, you can’t transfer inventory between Opensim and Secondlife yet, unless you use Second Inventory (I think). Meep.

But at least my opensim is quiet.

Nobody else around to bother me, nobody sending me 9324857349 IM’s, no noobs spamming me with a cookie gun or screaming into their mic. On top of that, nobody complaining about how I build.
I like that.

I run about… three sims on my computer right now (they’re all really light use as of now, so it’s not that big of a problem for me yet) – a mostly underwater island, a boat sandbox (TSL totally needs one of these!), and some random splot of land I put on the 1000-1000 mark so things don’t lock up if I crash. I also had an enormous forest island, but that got kinda… well, extremely laggy, so I took it down (It still exists, but just isn’t up).

Bah, I ramble. Let’s shorten things up.

I haven’t played OpenSim enough to do a generalization across SL and OS. -shrug- These are my own personal observations so far.

Second Life [Teen Grid]
+Pros — Socialization, large amount of user-made items
+Cons — n00b attacks

OpenSim [Custom Islands]
+Pros — Quiet, personal sandboxes, select few allowed to visit
+Cons — Little socialization, lacking inventory

Ah well.


~ by Blau Rascon on May 1, 2009.

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