Political Songs and Money Chairs

I type this up as I sit on a money dancer thing in SL, hah… I’ll talk of those in a minute.
I’ve noticed that a good chunk of political songs are really… bamf, for lack of a better term. Hard-hitting and/or badass and/or ‘holy crap’ worthy. A fair chunk of USA’s 70’s music is like this… well, some, anyway, from what I’ve heard. Look at “Ohio” by Crosby, Stills, Nash, and Young. That song gives me goosebumps.

Nowadays you don’t see a great lot of political songs… least, I don’t. Let’s see which ones I can name off my head…

‘Sandmann’ – OOMPH!
’99 Red Balloons’ / ’99 Luftballons’ – Nena [?]
‘Ohio’ – Crosby, Stills, Nash, and Young
‘Links 234’ – Rammstein
‘Dear Mr. President’ – Pink [?]

Haha. Those’re the ones I can think of. Scuttle off to Youtube or whatever you want and have a listen. I shall wait.

Fun yes?
I love how this kind of song is all… eep, and usually, these songs stand out amongst an artist’s other work. I like that. Sure, you get other songs that do that, but I noticed that these stand out in their own way.

On a completely unrelated topic… I finally figured out the logic behind money chairs! Hooray for semi-slow logic, haha.
For those who don’t know– money chairs on Second Life come in a variety of flavors, but one of the most common varieties has you sit/stand/dance/whatever on a chair/table/platform/whatever for X amount of minutes for Y amount of L$. These things, I finally learned the logic —

Owner of parcel puts down money chair. People glee and sit on money chair for hours to get enough L$ to get that awesome pair of pants they saw. Number of hours these people sit on chair + number of hours their friends hang out there add into the Traffic on the site. Higher traffic brings more customers/renters. Parcel owner makes more money.
It’s brilliant! But it can suck away your L$ pretty fast if you have a lot of chairs and not a lot of money.

The place I’m at now costs 25,000L$/mo to keep its parcel. [Pretty much, just about $100/month.] It’s a mall too, so combine the rent generated from the stalls [60L$/week and about… 40-50 stalls? I dunno.] along with whatever this person earns through their own sales, and you’ve got a nifty income. They’re taking down their money chairs though – apparently the money chairs are sucking into their income pretty deeply. As of now, there are two time = money chairs, and four name chairs [Your name starts with a certain letter – sit on the chair – you get money]. I hope they can put out more money chairs sometime… even ones that only give out 1L$ would be neat. -shrug- That’s just me, though.

On another unrelated note, setting up another fursona for myself, joy joy. This time, it’s a fox. Hurrah.


~ by Blau Rascon on April 30, 2009.

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