Tech Geek

Yeah, that’s what I think I’m becoming as my latest interest.

Yesterday kinda kicked that off. I messed around with the config files for one of my older games (notepad config = ♥), and later in the day, set up my own Opensim.

The Opensim thing was insane. It took a few hours to set up (hey, I be lazy), and longer than that to get things in working order. Honestly though, I love the DOS prompt for Opensim, and I love having my own island to myself. It’s like my own, private, lag-free, noob-free, on-demand sandbox.

I also love being able to tinker with things in the DOS prompt, like using Terragen to make the island’s shape, adding/removing users, alerting myself (haha), and messing with physics.

The physics kinda suck, I’ll be honest. I’m using the Second Life RC viewer to get into my Opensim since the current Hippoviewer doesn’t support my graphics card, by the way.

Anyway, physics… I started out with Basicphysics, which, haha, sucks. You walk -through- objects, and when you stop flying, you go STRAIGHT down to the ground. That annoyed me.
Hello config file! I switched things around so it used a different physics engine, and yay! things worked fine. It’s not as advanced as SL’s physics, true, but it’s still better than Basicphysics – You walk over objects, things actually go physical, and you fall when  you stop flying.

The only thing I don’t like whatsoever is not being able to save my avatar’s looks – even when I save the things to my inventory, they revert back to the old Ruth avatar. I’ll have to fix that some other time.

As far as my Opensim goes, I’m currently working on terraforming things and thinking about building. I want to make my own castle sim – seeing as I have a few thousand prims to play with, and multiple islands at my disposal, that shouldn’t be a problem. ♥

Apart from that, I’m working on glitching my Jurassic Park game into letting me have all dinos at startup (Before anyone complains, I have two fairly advanced saved parks, all missions, and a Site B park from before I messed with this), and other things…
I’ve already set it so I have six million startup money and a maximum of 200 dinosaurs in my park at any given time. I don’t know if the game can handle 200 dinosaurs, but I’m very sure my graphics card can handle it, haha. Oh, joys.

And in a final note, I’m going to go set up my dad’s new computer. He needs antivirus/malware and whatnots set up on it… this should be great fun.

Toodles for now. ☺


~ by Blau Rascon on April 23, 2009.

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