I consider them noobs.

If you’ve read my About page you probably saw this, haha. I think I should explain it a bit more.

Keep in mind, hun – this is coming from someone who’s from Teen Second Life. Teen.

Now, when I’m wandering about the grid, be it exploring or killing time, inevitably I’m going to run into people. I generally ignore people I run into when I’m walking around – I’m not a people person – but some people just feel the need to irritate someone.

My avoidance strategy usually works. If there’s a lump of people in one place, I avoid the place until the crowd dies down. If I’m exploring and see someone, I go around them. I don’t like socializing on TSL unless I’m in the mood for it, or in a situation in which socialization is one of the main things going on (I hate lack of words), such as a party, group meeting, or some other form of get-together.

But I digress.

It seems a fair amount of the people I end up talking to in my TSL adventures end up being noobish. Yeah, you get the people who just joined, especially if you’re wandering the mainland. Those people, I don’t mind so much. They’re new, they have to learn. I get that. It’s the people who’ve been around for a while and still act like noobs that get to me.

I seem to get off track a lot.
My point is, the majority of people that I meet in TSL end up being noobs. That’s why I consider everyone to be a noob when I first meet them. More often than not, people prove me otherwise within a few minutes of chatting. That’s what I like.

I’ve had people walk up to me and openly put me down for being in a fursuit before. This being someone who never saw me before, I never saw them before. What’s more, they said it indirectly – talking to themselves over mic.
That, to me, is a noob, and the makings of a passive troll.

Then, there’s the person that walks up to you and attempts to be friendly. They say hi, talk to you, attempt to friend you, so on so forth. I appreciate their efforts, but I’m really not interested…
Depending on the person’s attitude, ‘language’ (chtspk or english), and persistence, they may or may not be a noob.
You see most newbies doing this – they’re new and attempting to be friendly. I like that. It’s better than the noob that runs around screaming, spamming, and begging for money because they haven’t learned any better yet.

Then – and I find this rather annoying – there are the army kids. No, not real army kids, the army…whatever they are. They’re usually instantly recognizable – thick, detailed, prim-heavy armor and a gun 24/7.
I do NOT like army people much on TSL. The majority of the ones I’ve met have proven themselves to be noobs many, many times over.
True, there are a few that’re actually bearable – I’ll cover this more in another post.

In short, my point is, most of the people I’ve had one-minute conversations with in TSL turned out to be noobs; hence, why I assume people are noobs when I meet them. The end.


~ by Blau Rascon on April 20, 2009.

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