I just wanna know why people hate them so much.

I’ve had people call me a furfag and a cancer already.

Seriously. What do people have against furs?

If I get any comments that say “Well all you do is yiff” I WILL delete it. Such a comment clearly blares to the world that you have no idea what a fur is. The yiffy furs are a sub-genre or whatever – don’t judge the entire thing because a clump of them are perverts.

We’re not all perverts. We’re not all idiots.

Yeah yeah – I just saw a SLSecret whatever that said the person hates furs because they lag.
If I’m in a laggy area, it’s not my first instinct to take off my fur/scale outfit. Know why? It generally lags me like hell to change outfits and I hate being stuck in some half-rezzed outfit while noobs pick fun at me.
If someone asks, yeah, I’ll change outfits, provided they’re polite about it. So far, nobody’s asked me to do that, nor have I gotten any complaints about my avatar being laggy.

As far as laggy scripts go, most of the scripts physically -in- my current av’s attachments have to do with color adjustments. Since I don’t use those anymore, I might as well set them to ‘not running’….
True, I do have a moveable mouth and blinking eyes. Are those really that laggy?…
An attachment I wear a lot, it’s a scripted RP sword. That I could see causing some lag.
Tools shouldn’t be any bother seeing as most people wear a tool / AO. Some people wear upwards of three or four tools (I’ve seen it already).

before this gets any more offtopic

Why do people hate furs so much?
I understand people disliking for yiff. Not everyone wants to see that and I’m sure not everyone appreciates being around a horny wolf. Yeah. I wouldn’t exactly like that either.

That’s still no reason for the nastiness I’ve seen against furs.
Any reasonable insight?

Abusive fur-hater comments and comments about hating furs for yiff reasons will be deleted. That’s NOT what I’m looking for.


~ by Blau Rascon on April 20, 2009.

One Response to “Furs”

  1. It’s amazing, the sort of lag-related comments I get. My av causes little to no lag. It has some fancy scripts related to ear positioning, eye positioning, ect, but wherever possible I’ve removed the listens from it. I’m a scripter so I know that even with those active, the lag is virtually null. I’ve made complex systems with dozens of listens and complicated scripts (I like to build miniature worlds and game engines) and had them run perfectly fine. I’ve also heard that the number of prims is an issue. Well… it isn’t. Attachments take up extremely little sim resources, and furrs are smart! The good designers know how to streamline a design, cut prims strategically, and use voodoo-magic type of scripting. (Voodoo-magic is a technique that causes the script to perform higher than its alotted memory, similar to primtorture.) I’ve seen full size, 50m tall dragon av’s with less prims than a normal set of hair.

    Oh, and if anyone with a flexi skirt, complicated hairstyle that changes colors, and bling tells you that you’re lagging, well…

    I think most of the reason is, it’s understood that furs are hated. It’s like nazi germany or the USSR. Everyone knows that they’re evil and it’s ok for everyone to make fun of them. It’s a common enemy, the lowest common demoninator. I have plenty of human friends, many of them important people too, and when someone starts to talk bad about furrs, especially about me, I get professional about it. I contact the land owner, and if they don’t do anything, then I spread the word that it’s a hostile environment.

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