Blau’s Nooby Days

Here, in somewhat sketchy detail, are Blau’s first few months on Second Life.

I have a somewhat bad memory when it comes to dates, so, the majority of these will probably have a very vague timeline. Anyway. Let’s begin.

Just a note, this is REALLY freaking long. For those who were around with me for this whole thing, you probably remember things better than I do, yeah… sorry about any time inaccuracies.

Pre-Early Days

  • Mid-2008: First discover Second Life. Main page bookmarked.
  • Month or two later: Attempt to sign up for Second Life. Fail miserably. Repeat about eight times in the course of a few days, then give up.
  • Few weeks later: Regain interest in Second Life after friend begins talking about it on Wolfhome.
  • Dec 7 08: Successful signup for Second Life. Huzzah! Blau Rascon is born.

First Steps
-Orientation Island-

  • First glances at Orientation Island. First instinct is to change appearance.
  • First looks into the Appearance Editor. First 10-15 minutes of Second Life spent changing face.
  • First thoughts cross mind – This is like the sims!
  • First fumblings through appearance editor end in near disaster – zooming out to edit body, Blau finds she is completely naked in the TP hub of OI. Panic ensues as Blau frantically attempts to put on clothes.
  • Blau gives up trying to find clothes and makes own clothes.
  • Blau, embarassed, decides to edit appearance later and proceeds normally through Orientation Island.

    First snapshot, ever.

    First snapshot, ever.

-Welcome Area and Alcove-

  • Blau finishes Orientation Island and successfully, though confusedly, teleports to the Welcome Area. Blau manages a few short peeks around before adding her unofficial SL mentor and mentor’s alt to friends list (after some fumbling). Blau receives first inventory offer – a black furry wolf outfit. Blau glees at the outfit.
  • Blau receives first TP offer from mentor.
  • Blau TPs to the sim Alcove. Owner of the parcel Blau has been TPd to has not yet added Blau to access list. Blau is flung off of the parcel and, because it’s a corner parcel, flung halfway off the island. [Blau is also set to flying.]
  • Blau panics as dialog after dialog comes up urging her to get off the land. Blau fears being banned within her first two hours.
  • Blau manages to escape the end-of-island + banned parcel and slowly figures out how to land. Landowner adds Blau to access list, and Blau slowly navigates back into the building.
  • Blau is edumucated on the very basics of SL from her mentor. Blau still doesn’t understand much.
  • Blau receives buttload of freebies from mentor, a good chunk of them being furry outfits and rave gear.
  • Blau is TPd to Leviathan and receives Fur.Tool v3. Blau nabs some freebie FP items. Blau changes to a Wingless avatar with the help of her mentor.
  • Blau is TPd to sandbox with mentor and mentor’s friend. Blau TPs in on someone’s head. After some fighting, person below Blau moves and Blau can move.
  • Blau’s first thoughts of the sandbox include how quiet it is. Ha. Right.
  • Blau is griefed for first time. Mentor builds giant prim wall around work area. Griefers get in anyway.
  • Blau goes to Bay City for the first time. Blau spends much time here while mentor has fun on a money chair. Blau logs off very early in the morning.
Holy crap, did I really look like that??br /Yes.

Holy crap, did I really look like that?? Yes.

-First Week-
Alcove, Nix, and Eutopia

  • Blau spends the next day or so in the GlitchTEC mall in Alcove, chatting with the four or five people that hang out there regularly, building the mall.
  • Blau TPs to Eutopia with mentor and mentor’s friends. Blau is confuzzled and angry at the idea of a teleport hub.
  • Blau gets over the teleport hub and starts walking around.
  • Blau freaks out when she notices that Voice was on, thanks to the middle mouse wheel. Blau disables voice completely.
  • Blau TPs to the Nix Bazaar for the first time. Blau joys at the sight of freebies, and proceeds to nab a bunch of them.
  • Blau is intrigued by height detector. Blau spams height detector while adjusting avatar.
  • Blau TPs back to Alcove via landmark. Blau spends the next few days jumping between Alcove and the sandboxes.
  • Approx. day 3: Blau learns how to link items. Blau proceeds to make window blackers for Fur.Workspaces. While poorly aligned and somewhat nooby looking, Blau is proud.

-Luminos Days-

  • Mid-December: Club Luminos founded
  • Blau makes first glowsticks with torii. Blau is proud.
  • Friend points out to Blau that turning on basic shaders and local lights makes Club Luminos look a lot better. It also shows glow. Blau is overjoyed.
  • Blau learns quickly that things look much, much more beautiful with graphics set to Ultimate. Blau also quickly learns that this generates an enormous amount of rez lag.
  • Blau begins exploring Alcove more in-depth. Blau glees at finding a skee-ball game in Alcove.
  • Blau spends most of her time hanging out in Club Luminos, dancing and listening to the stream.
  • Blau buys first order of Lindenbucks and goes on ‘wise’ spending spree.
  • Blau learns how to submit abuse reports. Blau will be forever changed.
  • Blau files first abuse reports in attempt to help friends get someone banned. Plan fails.
  • Blau discovers the SL map.

-Release Candidate-

  • Blau manages to get a new graphics card. After the graphics card is installed and running, Blau is overjoyed at the quality of things when set to Ultimate and enjoys the lower amount of rez lag.

    Quality = Win

    Quality = Win

  • Blau quickly learns that her new graphics card isn’t fully supported by SL. Blau’s clothes, as well as everyone else’s. begin to glitch horribly. Blau panics, as she’s just beginning to create clothes to sell.
  • Blau, seeing the login messages on Second Life, heads to the forums to post a help request.
  • Blau waits for reply. First reply was far from helpful. User refused to help because Blau said ‘screenie’ instead of ‘screenshot’.
  • Blau submits a problem ticket. Blau receives reply next day, explaining the situation. Blau downloads and installs the Second Life Release Candidate.
  • Blau tries out the SLRC, and to her amazement and glee, the problem is solved. Blau goes to the forums to announce that she has found a solution to her problem and close the topic. User previously mentioned goes off on a tangent about how RC sucks. Few other users join in and mock Linden Lab.
  • Blau mentions to mentor what happened. Mentor heads to forums and takes care of aforementioned users.
  • Blau, feeling resentment, drags herself through a few more weeks of Second Life.
  • Close friend of Blau creates SL account.

-Loss of Sims-

  • Blau takes a two/three week break from Second Life as her Spore obsession begins (January 09)
  • As Blau’s Spore obsession wanes, she takes interest in SL again. This is a very foggy spot in my memory.
  • Late January – Mid February 09 – Two of Blau’s favorite sims (Alcove and Leviathan) disappear. Blau mourns the loss of the sims. [[For those interested, Alcove transferred to Maingrid along with its owner. Leviathan is completely gone.]]
  • Blau slowly begins exploring the rest of the grid on her own.

~ by Blau Rascon on April 20, 2009.

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