Army dweebs

Let me get something straight before we go any further. This post is about what I think of TSL armies. I’m not trying to specifically put any army down, nor am I saying every person in any army on all of SL is an idiot.

That aside, let’s move on.

TSL is littered with armies.
Pull up the TSL map. See any huge black blurbs on mainland sims? Those’re probably army bases. TP at your own risk.
Some armies are lucky enough to have their own sim(s). To that I say, good job, have fun.

I see so many people per day decked out in armor it’s sickening.
Most armor on TSL that I see is Crysis- or Halo-style. I’ll admit, it’s pretty detailed armor and probably took a great deal of time to make. Kudos to the creators – you get a cookie for your efforts. The thing I have against the armor is, people wear it all the time. It looks stupid when it’s worn all the time, in my opinion. Seriously – if you’re in the welcome area, or bay city, or some other non-damage area, what point are you getting across by wearing armor all the time?…

Another thing I have is the constant weaponry. I don’t like weapons much on here, seeing as, more often than not, the only purpose I’ve seen them serve is for griefing. Even in no-rez zones, I take it personally when someone attempts to shoot me.

The last thing I see, though, barely as often, would be army rivalries. I’m not up to date with army alliances and rivalries, because, honestly, I don’t care, but still – wear an opposing army’s tag and you’ll get bitched out. I’ve seen it happen.

That being explained…

A good chunk of the army people I see are, assumably, one of the following:

  • New.
  • Counterstrike / Halo / Crysis / whatever game is popular players.
  • Not really able to comprehend that SL isn’t a ‘game’ per-se.
  • Annoying.
  • Arrogant.

Mind, not all army people are like that. The majority of the ones I’ve seen so far are, however, and it’s sickening.

Now, to even the score or whatever.

I’ve met some pretty awesome army members. One even let me and a friend into their base a few minutes after meeting us – that there, I felt kinda honored. I thought we would’ve been shot for trespassing (we were exploring some sims we were never on before).

Some others, I’ve known before they were really army people / aren’t über army obsessed or annoying.

I’ll say this though. It’s gotta take one helluva long time to put an army together and a helluva lotta time and money to sustain a larger army. Kudos to those who’ve managed to do that while retaining their sanity.
Also, epic kudos to the non-sucky army members out there. You rock.


~ by Blau Rascon on April 20, 2009.

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