The Last Day

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It’s such a hard time saying goodbye sometimes.. for me, the day to do that came today, November 9, 2009. Time for me to say goodbye to the Teen Grid, time to say goodbye to my teenage years. I’m an adult tomorrow, the tenth… right now, in my time zone, I’ve been an adult for an hour. It’s not sunk in yet, and it probably won’t for a while.

It’s hard to say goodbye.

My day today was rather busy, an emergency took up a large portion of the day. I got home and got on Second Life around 10:30PM or so, spent some time with a few of my close friends for the last few hours of my teendom.

Nothing fancy, nothing ritzy… just some time with my friends.

A bit of a dilemma popped up in my head in recent weeks. Where am I going to have my final Teen Grid log-off?
I wanted it to be symbolic, something that meant a lot to me… somewhere I loved. But there are a lot of places I love, a lot of places that mean a lot to me.

It struck me today… one place has given me comfort over most all others… one place I could go and hide when things got too crazy. It was always nice and quiet and usually empty… had a nice racetrack, a pretty small islandy village, and a small rez zone.


It’s an educational island, mostly abandoned. Stumbled upon it far earlier this year, sometime in March, I’d guess – maybe before. I found it to be a nice haven.. if people show up, they usually have difficulty finding the rez area without property lines or minimap, so it was quite peaceful. The small rez area also allowed me to explode objects and have them get caught on the parcel boundaries.

I love that island. I’ll miss it a lot. Hence, why it’s my choice as my final logout point.

Tonight I log off wondering what I could have done differently in my Teen Second Life… the choices I could have made… the things I could have built. The friends I could have made, or not have made.
I log off tonight, however, happy. I learned a lot in the past year from this grid. I’ve made some amazing friends, learned how to script, learned some 3D building basics… the whole deal. I learned a lot, and I’m grateful for that.

This may be this blog’s last post. I would like this to be a kind of memory bank for me, something to look back on… something Teen Grid only.
If I do start another blog, please, check my Plurk or Twitter pages.

It’s been a long year… but it was worth it, the ups and downs alike.

Thank you all for making my teen second life amazing.

System Requirements

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I have seen around that the system requirements on the SL website are out of date. If so, it’s a semi-miracle I’m running it on my laptop, haha.

My desktop computer’s running things very well – I can get 80FPS if I’m in a skybox, with my graphics set to High/Ultimate.
NVIDIA GeForce 9500GT (I think), with 2GB RAM. 1280×1024 monitor. This is… very above the minimum requirements, hah.

My laptop however… the very minimum SL requirements are met. Intel 945 Express Chipset, with .99GB RAM, and 1024×600 screen.
ahhah. It runs, but only on the lowest possible settings (24 draw distance on Emerald) at around 10FPS in a skybox. There’s no way I’m going anywhere crowded while I’m on this laptop… it wouldn’t survive.
If I remember right, the Intel Chipset thing is about the lowest you can go on video cards and still run SL, from the site…

What I’m wondering is, if the requirements on the SL website are out of date, around what should they be now? How well should my computers be running? What could make my laptop run a wee bit faster?

I shall update this post later on with snapshots comparing the quality I have my computers set at for SL, haha. Should be interesting.


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Also, free-rez areas. I love them.

Personal opinion – the main TG sandboxes are magnets for spam; I rarely go on them unless it’s during the week or early in the morning / very late at night, when there aren’t as many people.

I don’t feel safe going to the Weapons Testing sandbox, but that’s my own personal feelings. I’m not into armies or shooting things very much, unless it’s just for the hell of things – rezzing breakable boxes and ‘sploding them, for example.

There are also a few sims around with rez areas – Delphinidae and Tenshi have them for rezzing boats, say – but I use them to make skyboxes… launch myself up 4km, rez a platform, shabam. Privacy.

I personally love sandboxes… I can rez things, explode them, and things’ll clean up easily. Sure, I set them to temporary, but same deal.
Smaller rez zones, it depends – is it in a busy sim? If so, clean up. If not? Splode + temporary.

I love being able to rez things – the blue box of doom (“You cannot rez here”), I hate seeing that.

So far, I know of small rez zones in Delphinidae, Coelacanth, Tenshi, Purpose, Tech Savvy Isle… among others. I generally hang out in those smaller rez zones – there’s rarely anyone around, I can be in peace.

A Flavor

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As it grows closer to my transfer date, I’ve found myself thinking I’m already on the Main Grid – thinking “Hey, I logged out wearing that gryphon av, I wonder if I can mod it?”, logging in, and realizing I’m still on the tiny Teen Grid wearing one of my half-assed human avatars. Makes for a bit of a face-palm moment, especially when you realize that there’s not much left to do apart from clean out your inventory or spam some empty island for a while.

With the addition of three other people to my RL household, it’s been a bit awkward to be on SL. I’m starting to spend more time doing other things – I still might be on the computer, yes, but doing things other than SL.

I feel like I should be hanging out somewhere on TSL, soaking in what I can before I leave. For the memories, you know… but I’ve found it’s just irritating anymore. There’s not a whole lot left for me to do, and I’m not feeling overly social lately.

Truth be told, I wish my first ‘home’ sim was still on the Teen Grid. I want to hang out where I did when I first joined for my last few days or so, but, seeing as the sandbox doesn’t exactly have that great of a nostalgic feel and I don’t exactly like the Welcome Area, I’m out of luck – the sim I spent the most time on, Alcove, transferred to the Main Grid early this year.

I’ve been thinking about my early days a fair lot lately. I find it interesting that I can still recall the ‘flavor’ that SL had at the time, how it felt to be new and completely clueless, rather than my current knowledge overriding that cluelessness and saying “Hey, that was that sim, and they were doing that thing, oh hey that mall is gone,” so on and so forth. It feels like they’re completely different places, like they were when I was a newbie. I like having memories like that, remembering how I felt back then rather than just remembering how something looked.

I remember parts of my first day on SL very well that hold that feeling. I was practically glued to my friend’s side for the first few weeks of my time on SL, so all my memories include her and a few of her friends, very few of which I actually keep in touch with anymore.
One of the memories I clearly remember was in the sandbox – about the second place she teleported me to when I joined. Here, if my memory serves me right, I learned how to play gestures, (basically) modify attachments (mostly through the Wingless Wolf HUD, but I did do some right-click -> Edit), and some other things here. I remember watching my friend build her belly rings she had for sale here, and watched her build a giant box around us to keep out some griefers who were having fun shooting us. (I can’t remember if I was scared of guns then or not, but now, it’s just really irritating.)
Another big memory was, I think, at Oceanside Mall… or some mall like it, cant remember what sim it was in, though. I remember it was only half-built (half the building was completely missing), and I ended up playing the Daft Hump gesture (and flying around – literally, flying around – while trying to get it to stop). I had my first run-in with money chairs here, even though I didn’t sit on them or anything – also there was a money ball that had to have a certain amount of people to give out money. I was fascinated with that thing, even though it only scanned the area every… three minutes, I think.

These places, to me, feel like they don’t exist anymore. They’ve lost the flavor, currently – going to these places feels completely different now, and I can’t get that feeling back (even wearing my really, really old newb fur doesn’t exactly help).

I’m looking forward to feeling like this again in a month. Like, really, very much looking forward to it. Looking forward to making new memories and ‘tasting’ new ‘flavors’ of these things. I’m thinking this should be very enjoyable… more things to get nostalgic over in a few months. I enjoy the feeling.

One Month.

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My last two posts were kinda… out there, yes. I’ve been sick for the past few weeks, so my head is a lot cloudier than it should be, hah.

I already made a post like this, but I want to get down some other ideas.

On Saturday, it’ll officially be one month for me to be on the Teen Grid – I’ll have one month left. My birthday is November 10. I’ve yet to figure if I want to transfer on my birthday, or delay it for a day or two (if possible) so I can spend it with my friends.

In the meantime, there’s not much left to do but wait. There’s not much going on on Teen Grid anymore…
Shortly before I leave, I’m going to buy a fair lot of L$ and buy the things I’ve been wanting to buy for a while… spending spree, you could say. It’s my last chance, so why not? There’re still a lot of nice things to be had.

I’ve found something to keep me occupied in the meantime – scripting. I spent the last three or four days reading the LSL Wiki, and I’ve, oddly enough, been absorbing a lot of what I’ve been reading. I threw together three or four (probably more) scripts in the past few days that I thought I’d never be able to make, ever – it’s a good feeling scripting something that actually works.
While having a month left means I probably won’t be able to really do much with the scripts I make, it’s still something to keep me occupied. Maybe I’ll put my scripts out for the public or something. Who knows. I’d like thoughts on that.

I’ve planned out part of what I’d like to do when I arrive on the Main Grid… what to buy, who to re-friend, that type of thing. Despite my planning, it’s probably going to just hairball into insanity, but hey – it’s something new, I’m sure I’ll enjoy it.

I’m going to miss the Teen Grid. Honest, I feel bad that it’s got to be in such a shitty state right now, even worse that there’s not a whole lot that I can do, that’s being done, or could be done, given the state of a lot of people on the grid.
Can only hope that things’ll turn out a bit better in the future. There’re a lot of good people on TG, lots of people with good potential, it’s just hard for them to get going in such a place.

I, personally, have no drive to build anything or put anything for sale. Copybot’s mostly to blame here; I’m one of those people that’s kinda paranoid of things being ripped and yadda, even though I probably don’t have to worry about it, I still do, so…
I just don’t trust people on the grid anymore. It’s kinda sad. :/

And I jumbled my thoughts again. Going to leave you all with that; I’ve got too many things going to keep a straight train of thought.
Much love, thanks for reading, by the way – I never get around to thanking people for that.

A Rant, Cont’d

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I started this rant on Twitter and wanted to get my thoughts down; so, not necessarily a useful post, just me rambling on about shit. Expect nonsense.

I stopped going to furry meeting places on TG around when FurNation moved to Zaius. Stopped almost completely after the FurNation Rave at the beginning of summer. True, I did hang out in FurPro when it was in Kenafa, but that wasn’t too much.

I am a furry, and I enjoy being in the company of other furries. The quality of things on this grid has just gone to crap lately, in my eyes, though.
Like I’ve said on Twitter – I’ll repeat myself a lot about that, since my Twitter is set to Private – lately there’s been a fairly large increase in copybotted furries – whether I’ve just now noticed or they’ve just now imported them, I don’t know.
Botting makes me furious. The other day, I noticed a unicorn av I’ve been wanting to buy when I get to the Main Grid in November – somehow it ended up on the Teen Grid. First thought was copybot; now we’re trying to figure if it was legitimately transferred, and if so, how. Still, though – seeing that av on this grid set me off. I got physically sick from being so angry.
So, yeah – I’m sensitive to the whole botting thing. I can’t stand seeing botted avs– well, one or two I can because they’ve been around so long, but others, just… it’s hard to look at the person. I find myself wondering if they know they’re wearing a stolen av. Wondering what the original creator would think. Wondering what this kid in front of me would do if I mentioned anything.

Oh, hey! It’s free! It’s higher quality than everything I’ve ever seen on here! -wears-
I see their logic. Since Zombie’s poofed, there hasn’t been a whole lot of furry av making – a few creators have been picking up things pretty well lately, but it’s not quite back to normal yet… if there ever was a normal. My normal is December, January, and February – FurNation had its own sim, Zombie was fine, but Sylver was already off the grid and whatnot. It’s what I ‘grew up’ with, if you will…

I digress.
I see their logic, but it still bugs me to no end to see these avs out there. It bugs me more that there’s very little I can do about it, apart from document the avs and grumble about how bad things have gotten lately.

Breaking off that subject for a few – Immaturity runs rampant in the furry community, mostly among young teens, I’ve noticed. I was there once, yes; I was thirteen-fourteen-fifteen once, yes; I went through that shit. It’s still really had on my nerves – I can’t stand drama and gossip, wannabe bitches tryina act all nasty, arrogant furs. I seem to not like the general furry attitude. That’s reason enough for me to stop hanging out in those areas, the furry gathering places and whatnot… if I don’t like the people, I see no reason to stay there.

As for the drama thing, it’s always different when you’re involved in the drama than when you’re outside of it watching it all happen, so who knows.

And, yes, I have younger teen friends. Not all younger teens are annoying brats. Not all furs are arrogant little kids. I’ve learned that very well.
I just feel I should say that before someone comes up to me with it. I hate that.

It’s a bit different when I have a friend or two that understands these people with me. I feel more comfortable then. My attitude, therefore, may change when I get to the Main Grid; I have a few people waiting for me who’re more acquainted with general furries and whatnot. That, and I don’t think MG furries will be quite the same as TG furries. Who knows. I may be wrong.

I also apparently feel as if I’ve pissed some people off and, ergo, I don’t feel welcome in certain areas. Call me weak; I probably am in that regard, but I’d rather not start shit. I’ve had enough of that.

There are a few people I want to see before I transfer to the Main Grid. Some of them I feel as if I have a false grudge against, and I want to make up with them before I go… a small form of closure, if you will. However… I don’t feel comfortable in these furry places anymore. It’s hard – I want to see the people, I want to talk to them – I just… can’t.
I know I could IM them. It’s different, seeing them and IM’ing them, maybe teleporting them – going to see them is one thing. TP’ing them has that sense of one-on-one things I don’t exactly go for.

…Brain froze out; rant over.

Just About a Month

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As of today I have around 39 days left on the Teen Grid.

Truth be told, I’m not sure about leaving. I want to get off the grid, leave its troubles behind me, start out fresh – but I want to stay here and keep trying to make it just a little bit better in any way I can.

I’ve planned out what I want to do for my first day or two on Main Grid. I’ve figured out what avatars I want to buy, and a few places I’d like to go see. After that, it’s going to be hanging out with the friends I’ve made already – at least one RL friend and several transferred friends…
It’ll be fun.

I’m leaving behind everything I know about SL, though. That’s a hard part.
All the sims I pretty much know by heart, all the stores I know of, the quiet places I can go to just relax… gone. I need to start over completely, and that’ll be one of the hardest parts of my transfer. I’m going to have to re-start – rememorize things.
I’ve started a SLurls bookmark folder in Firefox. I’m going to start getting in the habit of SLurl’ing every place I think is neat and bookmarking it.

It’ll be weird starting over.

In the meantime, however, I want to make my last month on the grid count in some way or another. Aside from hanging out with friends, I’m practicing building furries, making scripts, and tinkering around with sculpting a bit. Given the current state of affairs on TG, I’m not going to put anything out for sale.
Also, on that note, I’m starting to submit things to the Flickr group Cross-Grid Copybotted Content. I’ve known of some things being botted before this, but, up until lately, I’ve not really messed around with uploading photos of them like that.
I have a few friends that seem to love wearing botted things. I don’t really care right now if they get angry at me for snapshot-inspecting their avs – I’ve got a month left; I’ll be out of their lives soon enough.

I want to keep up the fight against botted things on the Teen Grid when I transfer to Main Grid. I have to figure out what I can do…
I’m teaching a few friends how to spot copybotted content. That makes me feel good, teaching them about this.

I’m feeling rather floaty right now, so that was probably really garbled and not how I wanted it to come out. I hope I got my point across alright, though.


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I was originally just going to pop this into Plurk or Twitter, but my thoughts rambled on too long.

When we group people into a certain class or stereotype – gangster, furry, redneck, race, whatever the case may be – we assign different qualities to the group overall and our expectations of people from that group are to fit that clump of qualities.

Stereotype groups, cliques, and whatever else these things are called nowadays – we need to remember that they’re made of individuals with their own thoughts, opinions, and experiences. They’re not all going to be the same, not all going to fit into that mold we make in our minds, despite how they act when we first meet them.

I admit. I’m prejudiced against a fair few groups of people on the Teen Grid and in real life. Whether this is from lack of exposure to the groups in question or if it’s just hardwired into me from the way I grew up and what values I have set in my mind, I’m not sure. I try to keep an open mind, but it’s hard sometimes.

I want to expand on this idea – I think about these things a lot on my own; that’s how I get a fair few of my opinions.
I just needed to get this out.

Opening Boxes

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This is actually a very newbie-ish problem, but hey – spreading knowledge is fun.

Oftentimes when you buy or take a copy of something, it’s in a box. I’ve done this, and I’ve seen many other people do this – wear the box. Be it because they weren’t paying attention or don’t know any better, it ends up looking pretty silly. What’s sillier is when they can’t figure out what went wrong, or how to get it off…


When you get a boxed item, if you’re wearing it-
-If it’s copyable, and you’re in a rez zone, drop it and rightclick – Open. That’ll copy the entire object’s contents into your inventory. Delete it when you’re finished, if you want.
-If it’s not copyable, detach it and find a nice, quiet rez zone, follow the unpacking information as above, but rightclick – Take when you’re done. If you’re like me, that’ll prevent some confusion should an item still be in the box…

If you’re not in a rez zone or don’t want the entire box’s contents popped into your inventory-
-Right-click on the object in your inventory, hover over Attach To HUD, and pop it somewhere onto your HUD. Once it’s on your HUD, right-click – Edit, go to the Contents tab. Make a folder in your inventory to put your objects in. Shift- or ctrl-click to select the objects you want, and drag them into your new folder.
This probably won’t work with no-copy objects; in which case you’ll have to rez the object in-world to get them out.

Have fun. 🙂

Script Reactivation

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Just a nifty little thing I noticed whilst browsing the SL Wiki.

Scripts, in no-script zones, get reactivated when they’re at least 50m above terrain mesh (ground level). If you’ve got something on you that seems to have failed because of no-script zones, if possible, fly up to reactivate it.

Even better, depending on what it is, detach it until you get into a script zone again. If a region’s no-script, try to respect that and take off highly scripted objects.

Also, attached scripts that take controls – such as animation overriders and (probably) warpers – always stay running. Not so with other scripts, like hover text and whatnot.

For the page I got most of this from, have a lookie here.